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hello i'm a 31 year old male from canada. i'm looking for single asian women to become friends with and maybe possibly become closer. i'm a single male that is caring, sensitive, loyal and honest. i think asian women are truly beautiful and have the biggest hearts in the world. they are loyal and understanding to their man not like most women in canada and usa. i find also they are not as materialistic as the women here. so if interested then message me

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good luck

wish you found friends from asian.

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Oh, here we go, again!!!

Another western guy who is smitten by the myth of the submissive little Asian wife who will attend to his every need and NEVER criticize or challenge his authority, hehehehehehe!!!!

Asian women are beautiful? Well, like any other race in the world, some are very beautiful; some are average; some are very ugly.

There are many Asian guys who think western women are so very beautiful and want them. Many Asian guys want Asian girls who have had cosmetic surgery to give them western-shaped eyes, noses, and GIANT BREASTS! Do you know what? They are stupid and superficial, like you, hehehehe!!!

Why does a nice, highly-educated girl want to marry a sad sack, like you, when she no longer wants that kind of life?

If an Asian girl is so weak and stupid as what you want, she doesn't have to leave home and learn another language.

Oh, Canada guy, you are looking for a starving, illiterate farm girl who will worship you for a small bowl of rice and a boiled chicken leg each day. You won't find her here, on the computer, hahahahaha!!!

Perhaps, you will have more luck if you save your money and visit a brothel in Thailand, hahahahaha!!!

The modern, educated Asian girl wants EQUALITY, and she will want a guy who is highly educated and WORKS!!!

She will buy her own car, and she won't let you even touch it--unless it is to wash it! And you can help cook and clean house, you silly, stupid Mr. Canada!!!

If you are such a complete loser that you cannot find a suitable Canadian or American girl, I can completely guarantee that NO modern, highly-educated, ambitious, Asian girl will want you!

Find yourself some dumb Canadian blond, hehehehe!!!!

Guys like you deeply insult Asian girls, and you are just far too stupid and backwards to realize it. You see them as some sexual fantasy and as being so dumb and needy as to want you, hahaha!!!

Your kind of guy can never find a good Asian girl for a relationship. Also, this is not a match-making forum.

You can use an internet search engine to find what you want. Type in the search words, "Asian, marriage, ex-prostitute ready to settle down."

The ONLY real way to meet a good Asian girl is to first know her as a real person and as a friend. Learn to love her for who she is, not for her race.

I met my Chinese fiancee, first, as a friend. It was three years before I first met her in person. I did not fall in love with her being Chinese, but as a wonderful human-being. Race was not at all a factor!!! She could have been white, African, Pacific Islander, or from Mars!!!

I fell in love with her even before I knew that she was physically very beautiful. For me, I was in love with the beauty of her mind, heart, and spirit.

My fiancee is such that I want her to be equal. I want her life to be happy and fulfilled. She is very highly educated, and I want her to use that in her life. That is the only way she and any highly-educated Asian girl can feel happy and complete in life!!!

Dumb, sexually crazy western guys...GO AWAY!!! There are a lot of very good western guys who know how to meet Asian girls as humans, not as sexual fantasies and toys!!!!

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reply: bluetiger

Somehow I agree with you in all aspects. Western men who can't find Western women are usually very ugly, desperate with low self esteem. If you think Asian women will like you because you are white, you have some identity issues.
White men are weak and dumb. Why would and Asian woman date a white man when there are millions of good hard working respectable Asian men around.

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You are one of the many very ugly, little, dumb, lazy Chinese guys who is racist and hateful. Because your girlfriend dumped you to be with a tall, muscular, highly educated American guy, you are purple-faced with rage.

You have no respect for Asian girls. You are a hateful oppressor of women, regardless that they are superior to YOU!

And you are in such a rage because you were not intelligent enough to come to America for a university degree!!!

Do you know that many girls, from China, who come to America to study stay here and don't go back to China, because they marry a highly-sophisticated Chinese-American guys who really know how to treat a woman well?

Chinese-American guys know how to shower, brush their teeth, change their underwear, and to provide a girl with polite, intelligent conversation.

Very often, the Chinese girl will meet tall, blue-eyed, highly-educated white guys and fall very deeply in love with him. He will always love her, and he will love a daughter as much as a son. That endears Chinese girls to white guys!!!

Oh, but that dirty little Chinese guy who sells his wife's beloved baby girl for cigarette and wine money!!! BAD!!!! WICKED!!!!

It is not just that the "dumb" highly-educated white genius can provide his Chinese bride with a large home on beautiful property, a car of her own, beautiful clothes, and freedom to pursue an enjoyable career--he provides her with love and respect...and loves their daughter more than his own life!!! This makes her white American husband a great hero in her life...a guy who would give his life to save his daughter, if confronted with danger!!!

Chinese guys, welcome to the 21st century! Learn how to treat women! Learn to love Chinese baby daughters! Don't sell them for adoption to loving white American families!!!

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to blue tiger

everybody has the right to make a choice ..why u are so cold with him?do u know him well? he wants to do what he's not right  hurting his feelings make u happy.

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You are speaking of things that you know nothing of. You expect me to kowtow the way a traditional girl does to a traditional husband!

Your English nor your understanding of western men is adequate to evaluate this situation. Also, western men are not emotionally soft and fragile, like Asian men. We are direct and forceful and think nothing at all of it.

You do not have the knowledge to discern western guys who are very harmful predators who seek to marry naive Chinese girls. There are many of these guys who will be very  mean, abussive, and who will use them only for sex.

I have had several western guys send me private messages and e-mails, asking me how to get a Chinese girl to fall in love with them and marry them--but, you what I tell those hoodlums and perverts is so bad, I can't repeat it here!

Editsniper has privately messaged me, and I think he is a decent guy with good intentions. But, I think he needs to learn a lot more about Chinese girls and China's culture before thinking of marrying one.

Hearsay and cultural distortions cannot substitute for direct experience with China's culture. I say "China's culture" rather than "Chinese culture," because all Chinese simply do not share one culture, that there are many ethnic and regional variations; plus, Chinese people who live outside of China are VERY different.

I have advised many Chinese-American guys about marrying girls from China, that there are distinct differences. Without this knowledge, the guy and the girl could be faced with a reality that neither was prepared for or ready to face.

Interracial, inter-cultural marriage is really a very wonderful experience for some...but not for everyone.

There are some very beautiful--physically and spiritually--Chinese girls, who are loving and non-materialistic. And there are some who are as mean and greedy as a girl can possibly be. There is nothing specificically inherent in a race that makes it superior to any other.

There are Chinese girls, Filipina girls, Japanese girls, and numerous others who make a career of marrying western men just to divorce them to take their money and possessions--then go on to marry the next guy to divorce him for the same purpose!!! So, it is dangerous for guys, too!

Editsniper seems quite nice and open-minded. I recommend him as a friend. Learn about each other's culture and values.

In a situation, such as this, it is always best to proceed very slowly. Be friends first and get to know each other. Regardless of race, culture, country--that is always the best advice...even within your own race and country!

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