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to make more friends here [Copy link] 中文

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Same feelings here

I once watched a fun video of an office lady falling in love with a handsome guy on the computer screen that her co-worker taped her to the monitor. When standing up, she and the monitor crashed to the ground as a whole. Maybe it was an European TV commercial :<)

It caught my attention that you also answered some postings here. So i guess your intention is to make more friends. foreign or domestic, few or many? if i were you, i won't care about the border and quantity. what matters more is, as random particles floating around in this restless and strangers-filled world, it is comforting to know some communicating friends and enrich our lives.

There are many blogging sites nowadays. you may share your innermost feelings with some total strangers. i don't watch the world cup since it is just a cash cow for businessmen. i only watch news and travel on TV.

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In my junior middle school, i thought that sleep was just a waste of time for a rather long time and i had so much energy to do so many things. That's really a stage i dreamed most, yet now, i'm eager to have plenty of  time to sleep.

I had two goals in my senior high school: go to BJ and take a trip by air, both of which have come true now. Day after day, year after year, I wonder what my next goal should be.

"It's a time for you to settle down", mom said again and again. heh~ someday

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Folksy Alison *_*

Life is full of small goals. once fulfilling one by one, we are glad to come through and stay afloat.

This year is just usual as any other one. but I did accomplish some wonderful things to recount here:

1. Chased a shining star in world without thieves and shook hands with her

2. Watched the most eastern sunrise in china on the Shandong peninsular and gazed across at the land of sassy girl

3. Caught a twin rainbow right here at west mountain

4. Found a talkative friend here at

5. To be continued (go to qinghai lake, visit dunhunag and ride a camel ... ...)

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make friends with you , it 's a happy to me.

i am a big big boy, haha ,  i am glad to make friends with you, my hobby: basketball ,inter-dance, network,   hope that we can become good friends , my QQ:27191023   my msn:      welcome to our website too: [url]  , i am pride if i can help some friends of us.

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insert love in the place of fear

Two2tango, u achived a lot and now have so many wonderful plans to go.  Life is enriched in this way, i assume.

It pours again outside. Nasty weather, isn't it?

I have to stay in the office till the rain let up, for i lent my umbrella to the one who didn't bring his here.

It reminds me of the childhood when such a so-called good deed was certainly praised by teachers. heh~

I'm listening to an onlie radio program, so i'm not lonely even though it is all winds and thunders.

"If u want to be loved, loving and be loveable", I just caught it from the talk show.

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Copy and paste happiness

i remember once there was a catchy line of SMS on mobile phone: duplicate your joy, delet your sadness, insert your smiley and ... ...

this morning i am on my way to the subway station. the sky is again clear. the ground and grass so pure, clean and fresh. that is all a storm is about. when it is over, we shall expect such a fine day as this. if lucky enough, there might be another rainbow awaiting us.

helping others is answering the call of the later chairman to learn from comrade lei feng. by the way, both are from my hometown and inspire my eternal pride.

recently i watched news that a 17-yr-old girl in US met a lad from the middle east. they clicked in the cyberworld. she faked her age, sneaked past her parents and crossed all the oceans for him. but they didn't meet for some reason. later her parents understood her true feelings and threw their full supports.

so keep believing and dreaming. everyday is just a miracle in the making!!

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Paint the world with self-made colors

I've heard about this bold adventure also. Will power is the essense, maybe.

Last weekend, I met a classmate dated senior high school and it was incredible when we calculated and was awakened by the fact that 10 years had past and it was the first time we met each other since then. Though time aged us, a sense of intimacy  swelled spontaneously. We talked about our experience in the university and during the work. Both of us seemed to have gone through a lot of pains and frustrations, which cultivated what we're now.  

Life is difficult, yet life will not treat us bad providing that we persist in our belief and keep our lifelong pursuit.

"There can be miracles when you believe; though hope is frail, it is hard to kill." I like this lyric.

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