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Is going to college that important? [Copy link] 中文

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not important but not necessary

that's truth, you hardly can avoid it.

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Originally posted by eyeofstorm at 2006-6-1 16:26
Actually I find Dupodongs words unsensical and full of rhetorics that does not even grasp what we call 'reality'. It was merely his own beliefs of how the 'world' should work but it obviously does  ...

formerly you said truth always hurt, that means what i said is ture.
now it's the same you that said the my words is full of rhetoric.
how can you escape your own logical error?
and what you called Reality is absolutely a Tale you created.
and the world of my imagination is the very real world.
and without the cooperation of the media, how can you build up such a world like that?
and in the world you made up, the white is called black, the cruelty the morality, the good the evil, the just the crimal, the crime the judge!
it's totally a world upsidedown.
so when our world appears, your world will disappear all in a sudden, and perish for ever!

for without lie how can you exist!
without violence how can you support your reign!
without howl how can you establish your throne?!
without dark how can you hide you in the daylight!
without secret how can you have the rule over your flunky?!
without religion how can you fool all men on earth?
without censorship how can you seal the mouth of the truth?

but without everything, the truth is still the truth.

not everyone but you and someone like you, do i call hypocrite!
for you do not practise what you preach!
and if you really show what you'd really thought in your heart, maybe even the evilest one would vomit at once!
for how can one suffer such a many dirty things at one time?
maybe the only counterpart of you is the hugely stained toilet, full of waste!

you're just a slave of your ignorance.
you don't know what you are doing.
if you knew, your evil is great!

i pity you, a dog without its own brain!

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The fact that you choose to avoid my 'truth' while conveniently and selectively taking in your 'truth' shows how illogical and without reason you can be. At least i was able to agree with you on some places yet at the same time stating that many things which you say is merely wishful thinking. The slag of irony which you just presented indicates to me that your living in a tale created by a web of distorted views toward society. Of course you could just pull a 180 turn and say vice versa toward me. However, what I speak is the truth of 'reality' while what you speak is a profound fallacy toward the infrastructure of society and insight of your own creativity or fantasy.

In truth you are a minority while I fall in the group of acceptable majority...I would love to see your fallacy and movement become a form of counter-culture haha~

Good luck climbing to the top with your bare feet you naturalist societal reject.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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reply #38eyeofstorm's post

i like my bare feet!
and i like walk on my bare feet!
it fit me very well!

i neednot a fetter around my ankle, unlike you, without a fetter, can never walk forward a single step!
for you dare not act like that!
just like a pig never dare crush down the hogpen and run away.
just wait for the feedstuff that cast into your trough by your feeder.
and all your fellow pigs and the relationships between you all, you called it society!
and without it you cannot live a day!
and without your feeder you'd like to die than to find a new way to live well!
for you and your feeder are just a bunch of leecher, a pile of parasite! your feeder suck your blood, and you suck from dung!
if you are happy with your hogpen, then your feeder is happy.
for they thirst for the meat cut down from you.
and the only purpose of you life is to be a delicious meal on the table of your feeder.
the feeder indulge your desire for food, for without your fiercely eating, how can they reap such a large source of  meat!
where there is a wall, there appears a hammer.

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reply #38eyeofstorm's post

and without climbing, still i can stand on the top of the world!
but without climbing, you'd never get a single glance of the beautiful scene!
for without social ladder how can you go beyond it without losing yourself!
even when you come up to the top of the society, you'd be still a buffoon, a puppet controlled by kinds of interest groups.
yes you are just a wooden puppet! a puppet without a soul~!
if you have a soul in your heart, you'd never say that to me!
for we'd be friends!
but unfortunately, you are not a human! but a doll played by your master as he please!
so as to i cannot call you my friend! for that's a blasphemy to the name of friendship!
i pity you!
a puppy without a soul!
a puppy climbing the mountain who never see!
a puppy never had a equal chance to say a equal word with his master!

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where there is a wall, there appears a hammer.

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College education in China... bang!

I always believe such edu. system is unreasonable:
A law student might have studied physics, biology, chymistry and mathematics as his main courses in his 6 years middle school edu.
But the profession edu. only takes up 4 years.@#%^& What practical expertise could he get from the short 4 years on earth? No wonder the college diploma never works for the graduates in seeking jobs!

The profession edu. should start in the high school. At least, students should take some in the high school. Or the high education is just sth inane.

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dupodong...u can be a poet....hopefully u wont commit suicide like most poets do...=)
I don't know if I like you or love you, want you or need you, all I know is I love the feeling I get when I'm near you.

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