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Is going to college that important? [Copy link] 中文

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Given the current climate of the job market, it's pretty difficult to get certain jobs without a degree. If your future calling happens to be one of these, then by all means, go to university and get your degree. But at the end of the day, there's alway got to be someone to fix cars, do plumbing, or run restaurants. If you can make a decent living off something like that and you want to do it, then why waste your time and money getting educated in something that you won't need?

As for whether the classes are useful or not, that depends on various factors such as what type of student you are, what you are studying and the quality of the lecturers and textbooks. For me (I did software engineering), I quickly found out that most of my computer related lectures were useless (it's hard to learn how to code without a computer in front of you), but that I had to turn up to every single maths lecture if I was to have any chance of passing.

I should also note that I've noticed that most of the things that I learned in university are essentially useless in my current job (despite it being in the same field), so make sure you don't restrict yourself to what your lecturers force feed you.

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go to the college if your family can afford the study fee , that is not the future nice job but the colorful college-life, and nice friends.

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My landlady makes tens of millions a year

....and she is nearly illiterate. Her business does not need educated people or researchers either. It's all about low margin, cheap exploited labour, bribery and low-added value export to the rest of the world.

So if a person is solely pursuing financial wealth she ought to seriously think about the financial value of a college education.

Still most people nowadays want to go to college BECAUSE they want better job prospects which lead to $$$$ and hopefully the ability to move their HUKOU to a big city. They choose this path because it invovles least risks ( so low risk low return), and it is the trend of the future.

If China continues to rely on  low margin, cheap labour, bribery and low added-commodities, I am sure another revolution brought on by the peasants is set to follow. The only question is WHEN.

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Welcome to the Machine

Kill an economist for KKK
Karl, Kenneth & Keynes

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my opinion

i think  going to collefe is not important ,but is necessary for teenages.because there are lot of people in china.

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Reply #25 dupodong's post

Well well written dear Dupodong!!!

You have become much better than me at witty words,witty thoughts, good comparisions.

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the ladies are lining up waiting for you.
What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Actually I find Dupodongs words unsensical and full of rhetorics that does not even grasp what we call 'reality'. It was merely his own beliefs of how the 'world' should work but it obviously does not work that way does it. To many its just wishful thinking but to the majority no one is going to drop what their doing and pursue that cult-like way of life. There is no reason for you to call me a hypocrite because in the your mind and personal interpretation of things, anyone in the state of norm is considered a hypocrite.
~All that which glitters is not gold~

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