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Is going to college that important? [Copy link] 中文

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The Education system is big component of the economy...

...but like any "system"...we have to decide on the FORMAT of that system... college alone adequate? about apprenticeship, polytechnics... cost effective and market focus is that system...

when we talk about college education..we must be talking about formal curricula university rote learning, theoritical system..rite? is a large topic...!!!!!

Green Dragon

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my college, A beautiful dream,study nothing,except recognize of this poor society

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home is no like a jail, but the false marrige is the very jail!
students can disobey their teachers, when they can control themselves well!
and the children can disobey their parents, when they have their own opinion of good and right!
without go schooling in school we can still live and live well!
for we can educate ourselves well!
and who can dare say you are not surviving!
and even no one pass me a glimpse, truth is still there!

Students can disobey their teachers at their own will while Children can also disobey their parents at their own will. The only reason many do not is due to pre and post conventional morality. A prisoner on the other hand cannot obey at their own will for they are forced with physical punishments by law. It's true that without going to school you can still live and live well but that isn't 'we' that is a personal interpretation. Sure if you live a simple life and happy with that state then be my guest. Mind you in modern day, society unfortunately is much more complicated. Hence without education on a majority level  you are only going to 'survive' legitimately / illegitimately. As far as your last sentence goes, "and even no one pass me a glimpse, truth is there." Truth which only you believe you have while without credibility you wont even be able to get your foot in the door of a legitimate business for work.

Truth hurts doesn't it~

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~All that which glitters is not gold~

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Originally posted by eyeofstorm at 2006-5-19 13:31
Students can disobey their teachers at their own will while Children can also disobey their parents at their own will. The only reason many do not is due to pre and post conventional morality.  ...

why need student a teacher to rule over them?
it's the same reason that teacher have the authority over students, just as the warden have the authority over prisoner, as the Pharaoh over the hebrew slaves ----why do they have the rule over them, it's just because the prisoners are not the master of themselves! so the Pharaohs can be the master of them!
and if everyone could be a self-master, how can Pharaohs be!

you need law, for you are nothing without law, for you cannot rule yourself without it!
and if you can rule yourself well, how can you need that rubbish!
yet, you need law, so you are still a prisoner of your own sin!
if not, you are just a Pharisee~! making law for your own interests!
no law is fit for all, but only fit for those who made them.
but as to themselves, they never obey a single word written in it~!

society is complicated, it's just because you who want to make it complicated, so you can make white black, and black white!
so you can make true false, false true, shit gold, gold shit!

but when real truth comes out, all of the shits will appear in their real form, yes, they are just a pile of shits!
all the people who has a righteous heart will say that as i had said!

and without credibility i can still stand on earth well!
for i have no fear in my heart!

what's called legitimate!?
the one that meet your compulsion?

you need that for you can never understand a life without that!
for you are just a little poor agent sent by an authority which you never can talk to equally~ for you are just a slave to them without any freedom of yourself, for your work is gained just by your selling your free will! and what you do is just a typical slave's job! you work for surving not living~ for you never have life, because your brain is not yours! i pity you~~

i'm telling you the truth~

the truth never hurts, but heals, but reveals, but uncovers, but sets you free~!
if it really hurts, it's totally not me, it's just you!

for truth is the very antidote to your poison, it's the very virus to your hypocrisy!

alas for you, for you don't know what you're saying!

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how true...

...and we are also slave to NATURE'S manipulations....

ha ha ha

so enjoy your game, either with "blinkers on", on rules of the GURU's or Gods....
or be "Above the Fray"....

Do what that makes you "Most happy"....and contribute to the collective "gain" of your tribe and civilization!


Green Dragon

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I am a student of international business english major,all the lessons in the class are bullshits.I am sure I can learn more by myself than study in the classroom and listen to those bullshits. And not all the part-time jobs are useful to us,except you can find some jobs that can really practise you english. for example , family tutor,you can expect nothing to gain but money; waiters , waste of time;  and many other jobs. I only take  the jobs that  can apply my own knowledge.

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I do not think so.

nowadays,college students could not get enough qualified education.We are more like a trainee..
how many roads must a man walk down before you call him a man?

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