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America and Racism [Copy link] 中文

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I'm actually in architecture. Civil engineering was my backup.

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I think many people define racism differently. Racism is when people attack each other because they are a ceertain color. Like the kkk used to do.

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I kind of agree also.

Racism in China is no way near as much as a problem in China as it is in America. And I base my opinion on the fact that there are only chinese in China. While there are many cultures in America and all of them are predjudiced against the other.

Racism in America is a serious phenomenon. Much more dangerous and much more serious than in China.

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If you go to America one of the first things you will learn is racism. And how to judge a person according to his or her race.  You will have some lesson about this the first day you arrive their. Maybe for good reasons or safety reasons but you will learn about it the very first day you get to America.

While on the other hand if you go to China as a visitor you might not ever think about racism.

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Just look at TV shows such as the Cosby Show and Will Smith's Bel Air series. The segregation is stark.

The white girl on Different Strokes committed suicide because of the freaks in the US.

They are the world's most racist freaks, backward freaks. Where else do people burn crosses, dress up in daft costumes and murder people for no reason at all. In the UK the Labour government are now deliberately stirring up racism  just as Hitler did. Just as Hitler did, Bliar is acquiring totalitarian powers as is Shrub. Yesterday another black teenager was murdered in racist UK. What kind of sub-human, primitive freaks kills people for no reason at all so that they themselves can spend time in prison? The Anglos REALLY ARE sub-human.

One black teenager is murdered in a nation of many milliions, and you jump to the conclusion its racism.  Not saying it isn't, but calling a whole nation racist seems a bit of a stretch of logic.  Now, as for that top statement there, you make it sound like every white guy is part of the Klu-Klux Klan...hardly the reality.  Now I won't deny racism still does exist, but again, your painting an entire race with the description above.  You do realise the irony in this...don't you, you are being a racist.

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Everyone has Racism and Prejudice inside~

Everyone acts a certain way in public to show civilized manner and such but when they get home thats when they say alot of f*cked up stuff about others. If someone says these people aren't -Insert anything racist / prejudice words here- they are 'different' or 'special'. What the hell difference is that compared to what estranged stuff they are about to brand them???

We are all programmed to see difference in our own race let alone other races.

Chinese people show prejudice to their own race just as much as the Americans. If there is no racism/prejudice then blue collar workers would not keep their head down while a white colar passes beside him. Equality is just rheotorical and cannot be established fully ever.

There should be one race, and that is human race.

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~All that which glitters is not gold~

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"While on the other hand if you go to China as a visitor you might not ever think about racism."

Really? So being stared at, having a small crowd gather or want to take your picture, and being charged 4x as much as locals has nothing to do with a person's face being white? Heck, I noticed that on day 1of my tiny little tourist trip where we were sheltered from real life.

And as eyeofstorm said, people will always find SOMETHING to discriminate against. Color is a very obvoius easy one, because we can see it easily. If not color, then maybe religion, or class, or anything else. I went to a high school that was all white, all middle class & above. And do you know what? There were still cliques (exclusive groups of "friends") based on just about anything else they could find. Maybe nationality (don't forget white people are from all different countries), or if you were a jock (into sports) or a "brain" (smartest kids), or WHATEVER. People will always find something to shun others for if they are that type of person.
I am not rich.  :L

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