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do chinese people play football?? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by mollymoo at 2006-4-10 14:46
Basketball is the most popular sport........

next is soccer, volleyball, badminton,...

but no American football....can`t understand its way to play ---a little sirange

as far as I know ,basketball is becoming the most popular because of YaoMing ,but the next ,I think ,is soccer,pingpong,volleyball, know,pingpong is our country's ball.

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michaelzhao ,yeah, u r right

but i don`t like Pingpong----play it badly ----too bad skill--技术太差,毛手毛脚:)

i like Basketball very much---n can play it
u know , the boys playing basketball r so high,so handsome, so sunny:)

if i`m a boy,i`ll become a formal Basketball player

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everybody in America loves Football, but no many people love basketball or tennis

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fangxuan has been deleted
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Chinese esp students often play it at weekends which is as popular as basketball.

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so many professional criticisms    

seems that i`m a fresh one


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This idea that Chinese are 'frail' is pure misinformation.  Chinese can and do play American football and those Chinese in the Caribbean who have some Negro blood and are usually taller and thicker boned play soccer, football and rugby.

Furthermore, China has the genetic traces of two types of Africans who entered China in ancient times.  One group were Kong-San and shorter, the other group were from the Manding-Shi and taller.  That Cde gene found in Chinese is an African gene found today in the Kong-San of Southern Africa,  the ENTIRE NIGER-KONGO LANGUAGE/CULTURAL GROUP - ABOUT ONE BILLION PEOPLE IN AFRICA AND THE AMERICAS, AND ALSO IN RWANDANS, EAST AFRICANS, EAST INDIANS, CHINESE, ABORIGINALS.

The other gene produces tall people...IN FACT VERY TALL and is found in the Samoans, Fijians, Melanesians, Africans from Senegal to Somali and Chad to SOUTH AFRICA.  That gene is found in some Chinese people in the North, West and East of China.
So, if the Chinese decide to put together American football teams or RUGBY TEAMS AND DECIDE THEY WANT TO SEE LARGE AND TALL PLAYERS...THEY HAVE TO KNOW WHICH CHINESE PEOPLE ARE LARGE AND TALL.  They will also find that these large and tall people are of Mongolian, African and Siberian Caucasian origins (that combination also includes Turkic types from Western China). Keep in mind that the 'Chinese/Mongol' facial features is said to have come from Heth and Sin, two Black Negro sons of Canaan.  Canaan was Black/Negro, so was his father Ham and his mother Egyptus.  
It is believed by Africans (and Christians/Jewish/Muslims) that Heth (or Khat, Khatty) settled in Turkey and his descendents moved to Central Asia and China.  Sin another Black son of Canaan settled in China.  It is after him that the term "Sino' come to mean China or Chinese-related.

So, it is wrong to think of the Chinese people as one mass of identical people who are short, thin and 'frail'  The Chinese may be predominantly Han in culture and perhaps language type, but the FACT IS, IN PARTS OF CHINA, THE GENES SHOW AFRICAN NEGROID, OCEANIC NEGROID, NEGRO-AUSTRALOID, CAUCASIAN, TURKIC, AINU AND OTHER GROUPS.  There are two ancient Negro/Africoid genes in the Chinese people one is the Cde gene found in the Niger-Congo, (About one billion people spread South of the Sahara and all the Americas), and about one billion Afro-Asiatic (Kushite Negroid) people spread from East Africa all the way to Melanesia.


Yes, American football can be technical, but it is a game that builds character, strength and strategy in males.  Today, the Most Valuable Player is half African-American and Half Korean.  The player looks like the 'Black Chinese' of the Caribbean (Jamaica, Cuba, Surinam, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago), who are called Black Chinese (or to Black Caribbean Islanders, just Chinese).  Black Chinese are descendents of Chinese fathers and Black mothers.  During the days of slavery, many Chinese, East Indians, Africans and Indonesians were sent to the Caribbean to work as slaves or indentured laborers. Asian men were forbidden to bring any Asian women to the colonies during the initial stages...INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES.  So, they married African women of the Caribbean (and that also happened on a small scale in the Southern US).  The fact that when we say 'Black' we are actually speaking of a wide variety of skin tones and facial types from varios parts of Africa who were sent to the Caribbean.  It is easy to find someone of African descent who reminds a Chinese laborer of women in his own country, China.  But in those days, few Chinese men worried about that because they were targeted for labor and destruction by the European plantation owners.  It was actually establishing families with Black families that saved t he Chinese culture in parts of th e Caribbean and Cuba.

Anyway, some of the largest and tallest people on earth outside of Africa are Samoans, Fijians, Melanesians.  Polynesians are a combination of Mongoloid and Negroid Melanesians/Oceanic Negroids/Africoids (and migrated from China in ancient times - according to Scientific American Magazine )  Many of the shorter Chinese people are a combination of Negrito, African and Siberian Mongoloid (similar in appearance to the Eskimos of Siberia)  see http://members.tripod/pointingbird/lostfeather/id59.htm  http://members/pointingbird/lostfeather/id59.htm

ORIGINS OF THE CHINESE BASED ON WESTERN BELIEFS (Many of these beliefs dictate the attitudes and policies of some people in the  Middle East and their push to impose Semitic culture and RELIGION on others by force)

See pictures of Kong San and the Southern Africa type (Bantu and Kong-San) with facial features and skull type similar to East Asians.


So, in conclusion, no Chinese should be discouraged to think they (as a race/geographical type) are too short, too frail or too small.  China has a large variety of physical types, and perhaps 56 ethnic groups.  In fact let's say the Han Chinese are a cultural group rather than a specific racial or ethnic type.  Yet we can say there are four types of Chinese, all have a specific Negroid face that was changed further due to the cold climate of East Asia, BUT REMAINED INTACT IN MALENESIA AND PARTS OF SOUTHERN AND SOUTH-EAST ASIA TO THIS DAY.  

The four types of Chinese are:

1. Negroid-Mongoloid-Negrito mix of South and West China (with Mongoloid appearance)

2. Negroid- Turkic- Mongoloid type of Western China.

3. Mongoloid-Caucasian-Negrito type of Mongolia/Northern China.

4. Mongoloid- Ainu- Siberian Caucasian mix type of Northern China.  (The Ainu people are believed to have originally been Negro-Australoids who broke off from the Black Anu of Egypt and East Africa about 30,000 years ago and migrated to South India, SE Asia and Japan).

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