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May I let PROBABILITY tell you something for me?
Let's suppose there were about 10% of the whole people on the earth can meet each qualification that you required:
#1 - we have to really truly love each other. -10%
#2 -He must be honest. No lying, cheating, etc. of course. -10%
#3 -Loyal to family & friends. -10%
#4 -Responsible enough to get the bills paid. -10%
#5 -Intelligent / creative. -10%
#6- Similar sense of humor as I have. -10%
#7 -Can laugh at himself, doesn't get offended easily. -10%
#8 -Doesn't get angry easily. -10%
#9 -Always moving forward, improving himself or our life, not just staying stagnant & boring. -10%
#10 -We should have some common interests, and go do things sometimes, not just sit home every day. -10%
#11- He should have some kind of spirituality, or at least respect mine. -10%

#12 -It would be nice if he was also vegetarian, but that's not a requirement. -10%
#13 -Oh, HE CANNOT SMOKE!!! Or drink too much (out at a social event  or dinner is fine, but no need to at home. People are annoying when they're drunk) -10%
Of course, some of above probabilities seem a little low, while the other ones would be a bit high. In addition, I think there must be some qualifications you didn't refer, but actually you would require, for example, he must be a healthy man. In general, I think the probability of 10% is reasonable. How do you think?
Now, let's say how many matchable people you can find in the world.
There are about 6 billions people totally in the world, as a result, you would find the following suitable persons:
I think I don't have to tell you what ??? stand for.
Of course, the method of explanation seems a little extreme. but at least, we can come to a conclusion that the more you require, the less ideal person you can encounter.
As we all know, no one is perfect. he perhaps be great in some aspects, while he must has some inadequacy in other fields.
Now, freakyqi, would you lower your standards?

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when I was a child, I think he must do the good performance in our class~
when I was in our unversity,I think ability is most importent ,but must treate me so nice is the permise~
but now ,I have no ideas,maybe feeling is the most importent factor~

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Reply #28 freakyqi's post

You get Half of my Wisdom

if you can carry it.

What's on your mind now........ooooooooooooooo la la....Kind Regards

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Nowadays, every single woman wants and waits a perfect guy arrive. But are there really so many "The Perfect" in our society? i think it's depend on yr defination upon "Mr Right". i heared a bunch of my girl friends said:"my  expectaion of him isn't high at all, i just want that he has the sense of responsibility, financial backgournd ok is ok."
So, heh, if u're "want to get married" type, what you need is really a man who can bring u the feelings of  secure. Very important!

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Originally posted by jesslyn at 2006-4-6 09:32
Nowadays, every single woman wants and waits a perfect guy arrive. But are there really so many "The Perfect" in our society? i think it's depend on yr defination upon "Mr Right" ...

your point desperately right,girl likes the feeling of secure and responsibility.that feeling is much more important than money.if we are poor ,we can work out the problems together.he is standing by your side and you never feel is super power.

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"Now, freakyqi, would you lower your standards?"
No.  :)

I think there are people out there who fit my description! I really don't think I named things that are difficult for a person to be, and most of those things really truly are a requirement. Why would I marry someone who is not trustworthy, who might cheat on me, or not be loyal to family & friends (I mean he would stick by them in times of trouble, and help them if he can)? To me, that is non-negotiable!

If we don't have a similar intelligence, sense of humor, etc, then life will be boring at best, annoying or torturous at worst! I could never marry a man who cannot laugh easily and is too serious all the time, I'd go crazy!!!

I am not looking or hoping for a large pool of men to choose from. I don't want 80% of men out there. I probably don't want 90%. Maybe I shouldn't say this, because I really am not a demanding or pompous person, but... most people out there, well, they're just not good enough! Don't get me wrong, I love every human as family, but not as husband. I know many people out there are dishonest (to an unacceptable degree), might cheat, are satisfied with the mundane. I would not want to commit my life to someone I couldn't trust or wouldn't ENJOY life with.
But I know there are people who are not like that, I know there are people out there like me, there must be, if I am here! I am willing to wait or find them in unusual places.

I am in no hurry to get married, perhaps if I had some pressure I would lower my standards, but I think I would regret it in the future. I would rather be single and happy than married and miserable. (of those two choices of course)

Hey, that sounds like our thread where I said I'd rather be poor and happy than rich & miserable!
I am not rich.  :L

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Caringhk - If I had half your wisdom, I would be the wisest person on earth!

Really now, anyone out there, look at my list (it's in post #29 of tempax's) and think about yourself. I bet a lot of people fit a lot of that criteria. Of course you can't know about the ones that have to do with my interests or being in love with me, but you can imagine most of them. I don't think it's difficult to be most of those things, is it?

Tempax, I bet you are a lot of those things, and probably more things that I didn't think of! :)

Caringhk, am I asking too much?
I am not rich.  :L

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