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China Should Isolate Itself from the Anglo Parasite Nations . . . Again [Copy link] 中文

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What does CHEAP mean?

In japan their paying top dollar for classic ford mustangs and other American sports cars.

This shows that consumers all over the world will spend ridiculous amonts of money on silly crap.  Look at the WWII planes made by Japan, Germany, America and England.  This shows they all know how to make good products but maximizing profits year after year means no one wants to make stuff that lasts, so we get stupid variations in crap.  I have seen tools from China that are so badly made the TORX drivers are unusable, but it is so low cost it is worth it for the phillips and flat blades.

I just bought an INSIGNIA home theater system of ebay.  I won the  bid at $21 and the shipping cost me $28.  ROFL but the seller said the retail price was $200.   All I really wanted was an amplifier and some speakers to hook to my computer for a low price.    I must admit it is much better than I was expecting.]

I don't believe for one second that it delivers 200 watts however.


ps - Criticising someone for typing there instead of their, especially if they are a non-English speaker is ridiculous.  Jerk!

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Kill an economist for KKK
Karl, Kenneth & Keynes

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Power extension

China ,gradually become flourishing> The direct result is Influence others power extension. From their own benefit,they took protective measures to prevent the commodities being imported from China.This is the last result.

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Look on the bright side

China has a pocket of money because they decided to come out of the box and trade with the free world.

Do what is right and what every other country in the world has done...

...give your Chinese people free education and at least a chance at medical care.

China leadership needs to take care of the little Chinese guy.

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Reply #6 tianyuanedu's post

No because of a little thing called oil for food scandal that the europeans didn't want the US to find out about .

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a gang crazy men

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China Should Isolate Itself from the Anglo Parasite Nations . . . Again
YES. Absolutely, please crawl back behind the curtain that shielded you from such things as modern technology and an active economy (which has arguably postponed societal collapse)

For the third time in history, China MUST isolate itself from the Anglo parasite economies. Once again, these parasites have NO GOODS to sell. The Opium Wars was the result of trading with these treacherous parasites the first time.

Then came the Boxer Protocol which led to occupation by Japan and WW2.

The West has a LOT of goods to sell. It's just that you sell them cheaper. The Wests goods are BETTER in almost EVERY arena...just not as cheap. The west has goods to sell, most of you just can't afford them...well at least after the government has levied HUGE tariffs on the import of such items that the west makes so well.The West also supplies a lot of the raw materials that allow China to be the manufacturing Giant that she has grown into. The wets also taught most of the successful factories, either literally or by example. I work in this field so please test my knowledge.

Now we're here again, an Anglo nation devouring China's goods but having NOTHING to trade with except fraudulent dollars and fraudulent violations of international law and WTO rules. The dollar is already toast, then the Anglo parasites will go to war. . . again.Actually, China has very little to offer except CHEAP labour! That is obviously enough to get people to play along.

China should trade with the rest of the world EXCLUDING Anglo parasite nations. You're so ridiculous.

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Ha Ha That's Propaganda

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