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The reason america will always be a superpower [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by jetsam at 2007-3-15 05:55
The US ekonomy is being robbed by their own government.

Shrub has oil, Cheney has war and Rumsfeld has medicare. The fourth horseman of the apocalypse is the fat, stupid Amerikan consumer.

Have we forgot aboout one other player: The Omega Agency?

The Omega Agency: The Guys REALLY Running the Show Omega Agency

The Omega Agency is the one running the show. They run the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, control the Bilderburgers, the whole ball of wax. They are who people are talking about when one says orders come from "above the President".

The Omega Agency consists of a network set up much like the CIA. There are thousands world-wide who take their orders directly from the ruling council of the Omega Agency. This council consists of 10 to 12 people. George Bush and Alexander C. Haig are the only two names that I know at this point who sit on the council of the Omega Agency. The OA is the driving force behind what is commonly called the "New World Order." The OA's office is located at Langley AFB.

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I am Chinese and Proud of it!

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Evidence is easy, Mr. Blunderbuss:

The following was lifted from

US National Debt

12/31/1953 275,168,120,129.39      
06/30/1953 266,071,061,638.57      
06/30/1952 259,105,178,785.43      
06/29/1951 255,221,976,814.93      
06/30/1950 257,357,352,351.04      
06/30/1949 252,770,359,860.33      
06/30/1948 252,292,246,512.99      
06/30/1947 258,286,383,108.67      
06/28/1946 269,422,099,173.26      
06/30/1945 258,682,187,409.93      
06/30/1944 201,003,387,221.13      
06/30/1943 136,696,090,329.90      
06/30/1942 72,422,445,116.22      

06/30/1941 48,961,443,535.71      
06/29/1940 42,967,531,037.68      
06/30/1939 40,439,532,411.11      
06/30/1938 37,164,740,315.45      
06/30/1937 36,424,613,732.29      
06/30/1936 33,778,543,493.73      
06/29/1935 28,700,892,624.53      
06/30/1934 27,053,141,414.48      
06/30/1933 22,538,672,560.15      
06/30/1932 19,487,002,444.13      
06/30/1931 16,801,281,491.71      
06/30/1930 16,185,309,831.43      
06/29/1929 16,931,088,484.10

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We shall see if the moderators put up the rest of the story, as submitted.

Well, maybe it wil come later ...  I have no idea, and I am never given a reason -- flip a coin.



The crash of 1929.

Hahaha -- who gave out the margins and who called them in? The Anglows?

I reckon you caught the change in regulations when the banksters were given a great benefit in expanding the percentage of margins they were allowed to hand on just a few scant months ago, am I right? The hooligans want to blame the crash on China's new market of nouveau rich chasing every kind of fantasy, but look a little deeper.

The recovery of the 1929 crash had nothing to do with J.P Morgan handing over his asset monies to bail out the crap because he didn't ever control the money press machines from the world bank's Keynesian game of 'who do they like today' -- it turns out that their real buddies are the ones who bought up the dwindling stock shares from the key elements of US Democrazy, namely the banks, the oil companies, Hollywood and the American media. Hahaha -- the next adjustment is more of the same. How's your credit rating? Hahahaha! Better to know who butters your bread!

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Evidence of What?

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Originally posted by jetsam at 2007-3-19 04:56

This is KOMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Relevancy is a prerequisite.
Look, I've got evidence you're a paedophile: 1+1=2
Look, I've got evidence you're a space alien who intends to eat all  humans: 3+4=7

jetsam, yep it is unfortunate that the moderators didn't allow me to finish. You are cheap!!

As for your lunacy, it seems you can see the lack of connectivity in other's arguments (indeed, I was not allowed to finish and I am not going to waste my time and energy seeking out what will be allowed to post, especially when I am clueless as to why and left uninformed.

Now since you can see the lack of connectivity in the argument then why do you deny your own lack of reasoning?

This and that pile of crap = the aliens did it! -- so goes your insanity, sure enough

Your replies to me, invariably, are where do I dispute the facts? I don't! I agree 1 is a number and 2 is a number, I fail to see your reasoning that the aliens are responsible for 1 and 2.

Now you have your little fearful racist donkey handler holding your ass.

Keep chasing windmills, Don Quixote, everyone world is ignoring you, or is feeling sad for you!

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