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Different attitude towards sex [Copy link] 中文

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I agree with Nstankovic

I am American and I agree with Nstankovic -- Americans are not necessarily more sexually free than Chinese.  In fact, one survey I read that was done of Chinese university students revealed that almost as many Chinese young people are as sexually active as American young people.

Americans who are of the Christian faith are taught that you should wait to have sex until you are married.  Of course, not every Christian practices this ideal, but those who are serious about their faith usually do.

I don't agree with Nstankovic that a lot of the Westerners in China are more liberal than the normal American.  This may be true of the single young men who are here, but I've met plenty of American girls in China who are virgins and intend to stay that way (they're also usually Christians).

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How about sex after marriage?

Another interesting thing that I've noticed since living in China for 4 years is that a rather alarming number Chinese men who are married have sexual affairs or visit prostitutes.  I even know of cases where the wife is aware of this, but does nothing.

It seems from my casual observation that the rate of marital infidelity on the part of Chinese men is much higher than that of American men (with the exception of losers like Bill Clinton).  In general, an American man may be sexually free when he is single, but after he is married, he is faithful to his wife.  If he isn't, divorce will almost always occur.

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i agree with upstairs

i think thatz why many chinese women don't wanna marry chinese men.

and why there are so many people have sex before marriages, the thing is :
people marry much later now, in their late twenties or even thirties.
In antient time, people marry pretty early so maybe itz right to demand a virgin.
but now, itz not normal and healthy to repress ur libido after u r mature.
so long as u r not promiscuous, i think itz fine to have sex before marriage with ur lover.

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TO two upstairs: nonsence

HOw much do you know about Chinese man , how many Chinese man do you konw. No practise no say!

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sex libration for women.

  dont get me wrong guys,what i said sex libration is definitely not the same meaning as sex abusion.Im trying to tell gurls to librate themselves when met the right man.

I mean Why do  we  have to keep chate for men,why you dont even know how many gurls they have been hooked up with.

it's definitely unfair for gurls to save virginity prior to marriage,from my point of view,guys shouldnot care for if their wives are virgins as long as true true love exists.

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Be careful, please

"On the other hand, in western cultures, a girl who remains a virgin after 18 years old is [considered] horrible."

What porno magazine have you been reading?

This is not true at all. You'll find the whole a whole range of behavior and attitudes about sex in Western countries, as is true in Japan and China. Perhaps the difference is that sex is more openly discussed in the West.

Please be careful about making such sweeping general statements.

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stats and survey

i believe People's Daily published an aritcle a global survey on ONS (one nite stand) and affairs. The US, France and Italy were listed in the top for sexual liberty & promiscuity whereas China was listed at the bottom. That said,  it does reflect culture, attitude and what the society is feeding them. However I do agree with one of the readers that younger people are in the trend for Virginity in the States. I never watch Sex and the City. Call me conservative or call me stiff, my view of this TV series, reflects over abundance of sex and cheap sex pizza-runs, only erode youthful prosmicuity.

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