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Why so many people learn English? Is it really a must for him or her or just a vehicle of entertainment. At times it's extremely trendy to learn this stupid language, some say, which is nothin' but rubbish when compared to Chinenes Language, i'm afraid.

Some ABCs (even more stupid, capable of  little Mandrin) are admired as "celebrity"(Huh, so funny. Damn it!) A great number of "stars" are truely non-patriots, generating huge amount of wealth, coz there're so many brainless fans (excessively ill-developed).

Some argue, "We learn English coz it's world language." Hey, buddy, you are damned right, but say, Man, are you genuinelly internationalized? You really think you would highlight yourself amid your peers, huh?

What we would do, then?

We are supposed to take pride in China and China culture. Attract internationals to learn China and China Culture.

Remember, you sure are outstanding and amazing to be a member of Oriental Dragons.

I'm an anti-foreign-stuff guy with honorable spirit, SO WHAT!

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Learning English is not wrong,but if learn it then forget our own language,which

I like Chinese most.
When I want to learn anything else more,I regards English as a tool only.
English never can instead of Chinese.

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Do you know that you can sit in a dark room all by yourself and not have to learn English or enjoy anything that is not Chinese?

I am an American, and I enjoy many things that are Chinese. I also enjoy things from many different countries and cultures. Perhaps we are different in that my mind is able to accept many different things; whereas, yours is too small and cannot hold much, hehehe!

Oh, those Japanese!!! Do you know where Japan is? Have you heard of it? They are Asian, but not Chinese. JAPAN...JAPAN...JAPAN!!!

I know the horrible World War 2 and pre-World War 2 history of the Japanese, and I HATE what they did! There are still many of the old leaders still in high power in the Japanese corporations and politics who should have been severely punished for war crimes!

I am loyal to my many Chinese friends in that way. But, too many of you are embarrassing yourselves by letting the Japanese exceed you; whereas, you can do as well or better!

Read and learn your own famous philosophies! Taoism (Daoism) is great wisdom that teaches CHANGE! Those in China who do not change are like old stale cigarette smoke filled air in a closed room, or stagnant, dirty water that does not move!!!

Even dead bodies change: They decay and become a part of the ground!

How is it that those Japanese people can speak, not only English, but German, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Korean, Swedish, and other languages, but  so very many Chinese are so very afraid to learn just English? You need to gain confidence in yourselves.

Oh, those clever Japanese speak so many different languages and love many cultural things from many other countries. They NEVER fear such things, the way so very, very many Chinese guys do!

Chinese girls are so much more intelligent and courageous that Chinese guys! The university eductated young Chinese girls should be the leaders of China and give China its proud place in the world, while the guys go hide and smoke cigarettes all day.

The girls will lead China a let the guys clean house and cook for them, hehehe!!

The Chinese girls are brave, so fearless. Chinese guys, watch how brave your girls are and learn from them!!! Let them protect you and keep you safe!

Chinese guys don't have to learn other languages: The wonderful, intelligent Chinese girls will learn all of the world's languages and enjoy all of the wonderful things that other cultures offer.

The Chinese guys can hide together in fear and be Chinese, while the girls go bravely into the world and be Chinese, while adopting many new and wonderful ways, hehehe!!!

I admire the brave Chinese girls!!!!

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Thx, i really appreciate what you've presented. It's really cool, i have to say.
I cannot wait to give ya a long-time applause. hehe.
I partly agree what you have mentioned concerning those Japanese. (i'm also a fan of Japanese stuff, video games, manga and so forth. They're doin' well in transfering multinational cultures, i agree.
You depited a dark room for me, hey, you're wrong, i'm afraid, my dear American friend.
I'm an open-minded guy ready to obtain any excellent stuff in multinational cultures. That IS me, and sure i am.
Anyway, what i'm tryin' to do is to stimulate people's awareness and concern about their own cultures coz so many people are undermining and deserting their brilliant cultures and being colonized by foreign ideas, styles, commodities, and so on.
It is not merely common here in China, but in global context.

Blue Tiger, this is it!

What'd ya say,

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