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"Chinglish" among Top Ten Words 2005  [Copy link] 中文

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Monitoring the World's Languages   ( )

The Top Word Lists for 2005:

'Refugee', 'Outside the Mainstream' and '(Acts of) God'

Top Word, Phrase and Name of the Year

San Diego, California (December 16, 2005) Refugee, Outside the Mainstream, and (Acts of) God were selected as leading the Top Word, Phrase and Name Lists of 2005 released earlier today by the Global Language Monitor in its annual worldwide survey. The Global Language Monitor (GLM) publishes Year 2005 lists regarding: The Top Words, Top Phrases, Top Names, Global Youth Speak, as well as the Top Word Spoken on the Planet.

"2005 was the year we saw a convergence of a number sometimes contradictory language trends: the major global media became more pervasive yet actually less persuasive; the language spoken by the youth of the world is converging at an ever increasing rate; and the Political Correctness movement become a truly global phenomenon," said Paul JJ Payack, President of The Global Language Monitor (GLM).

The year has been a vibrant one for language, rife with examples that have been nominated by the GLM’s Language Police, volunteer language observers from the world over.

The Top Ten Words of 2005:

     1.  Refugee: Though the word was considered politically incorrect in the US, 'refugees' were often considered the lucky ones in streaming away from a series of global catastrophes unmatched in recent memory.

     2.  Tsunami: From the Japanese tsu nami for 'harbor wave', few recognized the word before disaster struck on Christmas Day, 2004, but the word subsequently flooded with unprecedented (and sustained) media coverage.

     3.  Poppa/Papa/Pope: (Italian, Portuguese, English, many others). The death of beloved Pope John Paul II kept the words on the lips of the faithful around the world.

     4.  Chinglish: The new second language of China from the Chinglish formation: CHINese + EngLISH.

     5.  H5N1: A looming global pandemic that could dwarf the Boubonic Plague of the Middle Ages (and AIDS) boggles the comtemporary imagination.

     6.  Recaille: A quick trip around the Romance languages (French jargon, scum; Spanish, rabble or swine; Italian, worthless dregs) illustrates the full freight of the word used to describe youthful French rioters of North African and Muslim descent.

     7.  Katrina: Name will become synonymous with natural forces responsible for the total and utter descruction of a city.

     8.  Wiki: Internet buzzword (from the Hawai'ian wiki wiki for 'quick, quick') that describes collaboration software where anyone can contribute to the on-going effort.

     9.  SMS: Short Message Service. The world's youth sent over a trillion text messages in 2005. Currently being texted are full-length novels, news, private messages and everything in between.

     10.  Insurgent: Politically neutral term used to describe enemy combatants..

Last year the Top Ten Words words were incivility, Red States/Blue States, and Blogosphere.

The Top Ten Phrases of 2005:

     1. Out of the Mainstream: Used to describe the ideology of any political opponent.

     2. Bird Flu/Avian Flu: the H5N1 strain of Flu that resembles that of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic where 60 million died.

     3. Politically Correct: Emerges as a worldwide phenomenon.

     4. North/South Divide In the US it might be Red States and Blue States but globally the 'haves' and 'have nots' are divided by a geographical if not psychological boundary.

     5. Purple Thumb: The badge of honor worn by Iraqi voters proving that they voted in their ground-breaking elections.

     6. Climate Change: Or Global Warming. No matter what your political persuasion, the fact remains that New York City was under 5,000 feet of ice some 20,000 years ago.

     7. String Theory: The idea that the universe is actually constructed of 11-dimensional, pulsating planes of existence.

     8. The Golden Quatrilateral: India's new superhighway system that links the key cities of the Subcontinent.

     9. Jumping the Couch. Apparently losing complete emotional control; made popular by the escapades of Tom Cruise on the Oprah television show.

     10. Deferred success: The idea introduced in the UK that there is no such thing as failure, only deferred success.

Last year the Top Phrases were Red States/Blue States, Moral Values, and Two Americas.


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long live Chinglish!

thanks for share, Tumu GG

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thanks for sharing



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hehehehe, Good on you, ruotongmm

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Hinglish and Pigeon English

Indian English, more commonly known as Hinglish, is a mixture of Hindi and English widely spoken in India.
Pigeon English (pidgin), spoken in Swamp area of Louisiana and in some
Hawaiian islands (not big cities.)

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A Chinese reporter misunderstood the word and took the listing as a praise of Chinese learning English. What a shame!

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