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对第十七届“韩素音青年翻译奖”赛(汉译英)的批评 [Copy link] 中文

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where is your "assured" try, my dear hog-on-ice?

Originally posted by hog-on-ice at 2005-12-1 21:03
I must go bananas if I do so!  I prefer to take a nap. You never know that I am  more like a cat rather than a human being. I love nap, nap ,nap and nap! But I assure you that I would have a try for that passage between my naps!  

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yes, i was referring to you when I said I like the original better. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am definitely not hog-on-ice.

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that's fine, you two speak with similar accents.

Originally posted by chenq3518 at 2006-1-8 14:52
yes, i was referring to you when I said I like the original better. Sorry to disappoint you, but I am definitely not hog-on-ice.


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commenting the reference translation (for the 2nd paragraph)

An old man is said to understand the Way most probably:

-The accumulation of age is believed to be able to help a man understand the Way better.
-Age could help enlighten.
孔子说 “天下有道”。老子说 “道可道”。《圣经》说“太初有道”。佛教说“邪魔外道”。
the Way of good administration as put forth by Confucius, the Way that can be explained as suggested by Lao-tzu, the Word (Way) in the very beginning as written in the Bible and the Way of pagans as denounced by the Buddhists.

i read the english version to have a very different feeling than i read the original chinese. the english version focuses on the various definitions of the concept Way, accredited to various schools of thoughts in ancient china. however, i am afraid that the author wasn't meant for this. rather, the author seemed to have talked about a general attitude towards life. the author made a search for the "way" to send his life of retirement. he wanted to emphasize that it was an exhaustive search for possibilities any major chinese traditional philosophy could offer.

in the following, i provide a tentative translation of the four chinese sentences. since i am novice of the ancient chinese philosophies, i can't claim my understanding of the Way is correct. i only have tried to fill the corresponding fields in a dumb template.

-I read from Confucius that the Way is to be followed, from Lao-tzu that the Way is natural, from the Bible that the Way exists ever since the world begins, and from the Buddhist theory that the Way comes with evil.
我老了,不免胡思乱想,胡说八道,自觉悟出一条真理 : 老年是广阔天地,是可以大有作为的。
As I am growing old, I can't help being given to flights of fancy and having my own Way of creating stories. However I have come to realize the truth: my old age serves as a vast world in which I can still have my talents employed fully and developed completely.

"as i am growing old"-- it would be better to say "as i am getting old" or "as i am growing older"

不免胡思乱想,胡说八道: here the set phrases shouldn't be translated literally. the author was teasing himself for all the problems due to aging that he had experienced but been unable to solve for a while. in addition, what the author said immediately after indicates his optimistic view:

自觉悟出一条真理 : 老年是广阔天地,是可以大有作为的。here, the author tried to tell us that he had successfully convinced himself that there is much to do in the rest of his life after retirement. he was very positive.

this is a tentative version which i provided as a "bait", an invite, for better translations:

-As I become older, I am more inclined to fun-thinking and fun-talking. As an evidence, I now believe being old is advantageous that it opens up a new life that is freer and fresher.

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hog-on-ice is missing


hog-on-ice is really missing! i just found it after the Spring Festival. this is added on Feb. 30. :lol:lol:lol

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nyleda, 你真是太厉害了,想拜你为师


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chuyunyou, 不敢当!

i consider myself still a novice in the field and i come here to learn from the veterans who visit this board to provide kindly help. if you send me private message i can tell you their names. regards. ^_^

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