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对第十七届“韩素音青年翻译奖”赛(汉译英)的批评 [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by courage at 2005-12-7 21:23
May i send a word to you all?
Well, go for  what you've been pursuing and stick to the principles of everything that is normally going, you will make it ,at last.

1、send a word to you all 什么意思?
2、principles of everything that is normally going?我怎么看不懂?





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Really appreciate the comments that deserve deep thoughts

I really appreciate the post that give in-depth analysis to the present translation     arena. The wonderful comments depict a prevailing trend or phenomenon in         every  corner of  China. A nation that is flighty and rash starts with those in the political and scientific fields. The phenomenon is formed in a slow process and needs a long period of time to change. Actually those so-called technical authorities or celebrities sometimes are good for nothing. They are out there simply for fame and money.

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Translation, what veils are you wearing??

Originally posted by nyleda at 2005-12-13 13:56

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Lasthermit 的评论:

 5)“out of anticipation”=“WITH anticipation”,用来译“岂知八十岁又过了”,本来是错的。可是,既然译者“dreamed of living to be eighty”,那么,活到八十岁便是意料中事。所以“out of anticipation”是歪打正着!下面的“I had hit it”=come to exactly the right place, point, or conclusion (Shorter Oxford)。两一句连起来就是“果然不出我所料,给我蒙对了!”

这个意见很值得重视。参考译文用“out of my anticipation" 来表达”没想到“,其实英文的意思正好相反,英文直译是“由于我的期盼”。全弄拧了!

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小屋之中天地阔 老年无事是忙人。

小屋之中天地阔 老年无事是忙人。
The world is vast though in the house very small; The old become jobless, yet now most active of all.  ( 集体讨论审定, 萧立明执笔 )

Small as my house is, it is my big world, retired as I am, I am still busily occupied.  (by rovi297)

My little house is my universe; busy as ever, retired from work, but not retired from life. (by The Yeti)

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The Joys of Old Age

六十整岁望七十岁如攀高山。不料七十岁居然过了。又想八十岁是难于上青天,可望不可即了。岂知 八十岁又过了。老汉今年八十二矣。这是照传统算法,务虚不务实。现在不是提倡尊重传统吗 ?
At sixty, crossing over to 70 seemed a difficult hurdle. But there I was, at seventy, thinking that surviving to eighty was an impossible dream. To my surprise, I am now 82-- an inflated number based on traditional calculation. But then, are we not reviving respect for traditions nowadays?

(by The Yeti of the Treasure Island English Corner,

click the name in blue to visit the original webpage for more... and you won't regret. trust me.

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It is almost certain that Chinglish results partly from a poor understanding of English.

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