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Redesign, revisited

I have to second the thoughts of calimero once again, the layout of this forum, as it stands, is by far superior to any other forum I have ever looked in on.

I prefer the flat-style layout to the tree-style; perhaps the tree-style is better on server space, but it is not as ready to read and follow.

I agree that the pinned threads need to be limited to only two or three, that although those old topics may represent the kind of discussion the editors would like, and although they may represent the direction the editors would like the contributors to follow, they are somewhat dated.

Perhaps, the editors are looking to find new contributors and forgo the ones that are currently here and have been here? I have no idea.

I do know that the two sections, 'general' and 'friendship, love and relations' in the Living in China division of the forum have attracted nothing but the dregs of humanity, and surely this is not representative of the face of China!

I understand the frustration of seeing forumites squabble and assault each other -- perhaps a separate section just for this could be suffered? -- I mean few of us have any real interest to post anything down in the aforementioned ugly sections of the Living in China division of the forum, we (the whole world) already suffer the slings and arrows of human scum.

I think, that by and far, most of us feel we need a better sense of law and order, policing the contributions, not for content, per se, but for personal garbage. I already posed three good names for you to consider in asking for help in your moderation, I could add others -- how about markwu, for instance. another very good person with nary an ugly thought!

However, the apparent random, senseless removal and disallowance of posts and threads, has got to go -- it has done more to dicourage folks to contributing, than any other single difficulty to date!

Thank you so much for communicating with us, this is a key to achieving the direction you would like the forum to proceed! Any other technique that might be employed will have a far lesser effect than this kind of leadership, and that has already been long established in every social structure, be it the military, the classroon, a business or a political party!

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Ha, vulvar_mole pervert lau guan kim is at his old game again

The Me_Me_Me jealous old farrt is at his old game again hijacking this thread for his own purposes.

In fact the only thing crazier than a wanbadan-hedan-forum-hacker baking ice-cream in an oven is a jealous old farrt drowning king crabs in a jacuzzi bath.

Every three months the vulvar_mole_pervert feels the need to remind us that he is not dead yet and comes in to repeat the same disruptive behavior.

While the rest of the forum had long relegated this doc-wannabe druggist to the back burner of their consciousness, he never fails to periodically remind them of the disastrous consequence of hitching Low Ability to Large Ego in the same carcass.  

He has become so disoriented in my presence that if you had asked him "how tall is wchao37?" he would unhesitatingly reply "nine inches."   

If you push further and ask "would six feet sound more like it?" he would come closer and whisper in your ears "my friend in Hongkong hasn't seen the six feet but has heard about the nine inches, so that six feet is probably a fake."  

If this doc-wannabe druggist were any dumber he wouldn't just be barking up the wrong tree -- he'd be the tree.

Does anyone truly need a reminder that this shameless joker had been kicked out of three Chinese forums in as many years for misconduct?  His latest efforts to whitewash his misbehavior while perched on a lemon tree with infrared binoculars salivating after vulvar moles had all been documented in a now-famous post that I can bring up again anytime at a moment's notice if his misconduct continues unabated.

CD knows who I am.  How they know is of course privileged information between CD and me.  In three months I would be asked this same question again when he has another uncontrollable fit of jealousy.

Just like I didn't know and would never ask what price his daughter could fetch in the dark alleys of New York at the time that he proudly penned the words "Are mainland women whores of the world?" on a placard hanging from his forehead at Geyland in Singapore, and would in fact never doubt his documented expertise on the matter, no one should second-guess CD's evaluations either.

This dimwit's jealousy truly knows no bounds.  Only an extremely deranged mind like his would believe that the mere mention of a degree, and not the content of a writer's mind as reflected in his posts, would automatically confer "awe" or "respectablity" upon that particular writer.  I suppose the bird would project his own vanity onto others to the very end of his limited number of days on earth.   

As is typical of the hypocrisy of this miscreant, here he pretends to care about my post on hedan without once mentioning the ghastly disruptions that brought on the post in the first place.  Now the post has disappeared again thanks to the antics of the forum contortionist.

In view of the above, the Counsel has determined that the evil farrt needs to be chained to the main door of the Singapore Crematorium with a 9-inch deadbolt.

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Thanks for the Asking

I am happy to visit this forum. There is benifit to journal and the present speech spoken in such a way on this site..should remind us all of that.
As a willful horse needs to be reminded frequently of the direction it is going...this site has no exeptcion.
I will assume most participants here have been through basic 101 public speech lets remember to focus our topic, and let your gasses blow elsewhere.

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A Good Thing In The World

Like it, the CD Forum, very much the way it is.  If going to do anything, or make changes, we should not lose any of the material and works already posted here.  The world would lose too much that has already found its home here at the china daily.  It gives China and its people: a good name.  And many are thankful for that.  Would hope you consider leaving it as is.  Easy to navigate and the material is easy to find on many search engines. They seem to pick it up well, with good standing, all around the world.  If anything -- the connect speed might be something to look at.  As it is true, it is slow getting in the download even on high speed connects.  Although probably not much can be done about that.  Web cams might be hard to do right now because the extra load the streams may add to servers. It was a fun idea.  And an area dedicated to strictly pictures may be something for people to have but to include descriptions of the pics and photo credits that honor the photographers.  Evenso, setting all that is said aside -- this, as it is now, is what we see works well -very well- and is loved by many.  Many people find that CD gives real meaning to what can be called free speech and the freedom of ideas, facts, personal views, history of human civilization, and the press.  Why change a good thing.  And a person of great wisdom once said: never change something that is not broken.  It is a mistake others have made in the past.  Something to recognize.   The only other thing that should be said is this -- Thanks.

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Saving China Daily Community

Dear Administrators and Mods,

Here are my tiny Malaysian 6 cents:

(i) moderators be elected from board members. Administrator still retains the overall power.
(ii) control spamming and remove redundant/duplicated/advertisement threads.
(iii) "pre-mod" offenders for a specified time period (e.g. 1 month ban)
(iv) ban troublemakers (eternal ban/remove account)
(v) allow polling/voting function
(vi) enable simple text formattings

Admiral Cheng Ho
Xingshan, Maguo

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My suggestion

Please do cast China in the most favorable light possible in your moderation!

Probably it is the most difficult task for you.

But I happen to have no other recommendation that i care so much to make.


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more suggestion

Pile on the first page No Less than 100 posts instead of currently 30. No one like to click the next page for lost and forgotten posts, because the page downloading speed is disgustingly slow even though I am right here in China.

About pins, no more than 3 stationary pins, no more than 3 floating flags and no more than 3 rotating stars if you wish.

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