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Dear fellow members:

At first,thanks for visiting our forum. Now, we are planning to redesign this forum. Your advices are welcomed and appreciated.We hope our forum will be better and better through both sides' efforts.

Yours sincerely,


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A picture and web cam link forum

Many people can only travel(on the internet,)I think a forum to pass along great pictures of China and Web cam shots of Major cities.would be very popular.There is a great live web cam of Shanghi available..but not Beijing..

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A picture and web cam link forum

Many people can only travel(on the internet,)I think a forum to pass along great pictures of China and Web cam shots of Major cities.would be very popular.There is a great live web cam of Shanghi available..but not Beijing..

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my suggestions

1. Please do  KEEP some excellent threads in the new forum, such as

" It's a girl"...  

and many others of which i forget the title for the moment

They are my favorites as well as many other forumites, I am convinced.

2. Please adjust the registration process so that those trolls will have no chance to show up. Trolls are BUGS, they dispel decent forumites from the forum and they are pollutants on internet.

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There is a loading problem that I think stops Europeans visiting CD

Perhaps it is beyond your control, I even contacted my internet service provider to try to speed up the loading and they agreed with what I suspected that loading to Europe from China is slow ,probably due to the way you deal with service to countries outside China.

I am not criticising here, no doubt you have your reasons for this.

I am a great fan of CCTV and I wonder why you did not accept my thread about the Dun Huang Grottos . This was one of the most enjoyable things I have seen on TV for years and as I said in my attempted thread, if this is ever shown on UK theatre it would be a smash hit.

See below.

The Dun Huang Grottoes date from 366 AD and saw periods of massive development during the Tang, Song, and Yuan Dynasties as a religious monument. Over the course of more than 1000 years, the Donghuang Grottoes have extended to 492 caves, 45,000 square meters of frescoes, 2,415 colored sculptures that have been discovered so far.

Well-known choreographer, Chen Weiya has worked a dance drama based on the awe inspiring Mogao Grottos in the southeast of Dunhuang City in Gansu Province.

the Dance Drama now goes back in time to the legend that gave these Grottoes their name. The tragic love story between a poor artisan by the Name of MoGao, and Yue (4) Ya (2) daughter of a powerful general.

Editor:Wang Ping


Best wishes  CD , I know you have a really difficult job here  for various reasons.

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(Fourth (!) try, please delete the other three.)

The design to me looks pretty perfect the way it is. Far superior to any other forum I've seen, so I compliment China Daily with this.

The mod..erati..on is poor or absent, however. I've been visiting this forum with some regularity for the past two years, but the absence of mode..rati..on has discouraged me from contributing anything of significance for the last 10 months. So, in the hope that this post will get the attention the administrator in his post said it would get, I expend some time and effort on writing this post.

Working from the assumption that the money available for the maintenance of this forum is limited, and so the money available to is limited, you could do what most if not all forums do: appoint from your forumites. Many forumites here do have the time and wish to do this, and I can see no reason some of them would not be able to do it, after proper instruction. Most will probably consider it an honour.


You could include, say under every post, a button that says something like: "report to the mod..era..tor," maybe with a field asking the forumite/mo..der..ator to argument his case. A feature of many forums. You now have this button at the bottom of the page, but including it with every post makes it easier for the forumite to actually report a post.

An extension of the above: you could give respected forumites/ the possibility to delete posts and users. It is then your consideration to keep the posts deleted or put them back up. And keep the forumite banned, or allow them back in.

You could give respected forumites/ the possibility to "close" a thread, so no one can post in that anymore. You can then review it, see if it really needs closing and looking at the reasons the m..oder..ato..r gave for closing it. Instead or in addition of deleting threads, what you now do. A feature of many forums.


~~ You can only post one thread in a certain timeframe (say 24 hours).

~~ You can only post one post in a certain timeframe (say 10 minutes).

~~ Canchin proposed this a long time ago: put up an "ignore" function. So, say I wish to ignore "Don Quijote," I put that in a field somewhere, and I do not see anymore the posts of "Don Quijote." A feature simple to implement, and it would have avoided the battles in this forum.


~~ Suggested by the forumite above me, and I second it: say in the "Living in China" section, put up a live video stream of the streets of the city, switching back and forth between locations, and maybe also put up docume..n..tar..ies every day, week or month for us to see.

~~ Allow the possibility to delete posts.You know how we do it now, it would be nicer if that was a regular function.

~~ After there has been no reply in a thread in a certain time, no longer allow the possibility to reply to the thread (say after three months).

~~ Get rid of that "auth" code. I don't know why you have it, and other forums seem to get by without it.

~~ Allow the possibility to make text BOLD, in ITALICS, SMALL, and maybe some other functions. You used to allow us to use html-coding, which was fun to play with, and allowed me to shut down the forum, and gave HeDan the possibility to post some of t.. square in the year four years before That is the reason other forums use a different kind of coding. (I think it is called BB coding, you could allow just the functions you want, otherwise you're bound to get, if I am still a forumite then, other

Can't think of anything more from the top of my head. Wait, one more:

~~ This forum is very slow in loading in Europe, and maybe elsewhere. Maybe not in China. I do not know much about webhosting, but I think it might be because this site is hosted in China. You could consider hosting the site elsewhere aswell.

Maybe I'll post again and say something about the design itself. The thing I would change now is that in the top left of your screen you see the logo of China Daily, I would expect that to link to something, is clickable, and would take you to the Main China Daily website. The same with the "Online Community" next to it.

( P..a..tie..n..ce is not myt...hin..g ... )

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you must be joking

Just in case you're not, my advice is:



Like you really need me to tell you that, though.  It's obvious enough.

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