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List of Racial Discriminations in Malaysia, practiced by Gov’t as well as Gov’t agencies.
This list is an open secret. Best verified by Gov’t itself because it got the statistics.
This list is not in the order of importance,. that  means the first one on the list is not the most important and the last one on the list does not mean least important.
This list is a common knowledge to a lot of Malaysians, especially those Non-Malays (Tamils, Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, orang asli, Christians, etc) who were being racially discriminated.
Figures in this list are estimates only and please take it as a guide only. Gov’t of Malaysia has the most correct figures. Is Gov’t of Malaysia too ashamed to publish their racist acts by publishing racial statistics?
This list cover a period of about 47 years since Independence (1957).

List of racial discriminations (Malaysia):

50         road names (at least) had been change from Chinese names to other names.
10        all public universities Vice  chancellors are Malays
99% of  2000 Petronas gasoline stations are owned by         Malays
99% of Petronas directors are Malays
2%        is what Chinese New Village get compare with 98% of what Malays kampongs (villages) got for rural development budget.
1000        While a Chinese parent with RM1000 salary (monthly) cannot get school-text-book-loan, a Malay parents with RM2000 salary is eligible.
5%        of all new intake for gov’t nurses, police, army is Non-Malays.
2.5%        is Gov’t budget for Chinese primary  schools. Tamil school got only 1%, Malay school got 96.5%
15%        Discount for a Malay to buy a house, regardless whether the Malay is rich or poor.
5%        The gov’t universities lecturers of Non-Malay origins had been reduced from about 70%  in 1965 to only 5% in 2004
2%        is the percentage of Non-Malays gov’t servants in Putrajaya (the new gov’t administrative capital).. But Malays make up. 98%
7%        is the percentage of Chinese gov’t servants in the whole gov’t (in 2004), drop from 30% in 1960
2%        is the present Chinese staff in RMAF (Royal Malaysian Air Force), drop from 40% in 1960
0        of the gov’t TV stations (TV1 , TV2, TV3) are directors of Non-Malays origin
2 million        Malaysian Chinese had emigrated oversea since 40 years ago.
0.5 million        Tamils Malaysians emigrated oversea
3 million        Indonesians had migrated into Malaysia and became Malaysian citizens with Bumiputra status.
0        Non-bumi are allowed to get shop lots in  the new Muar bus station (Nov 2004)
1        Out of all the 5 major banks, only one bank is multi-racial, The rest are controlled by Malays.
10%        place for Non-Bumi students for MARA science schools beginning from year 2003, But, only 7% are filled. Before that it was 100% Malays.
1        Catholic church in Shah Alam took 20 years to apply to be constructed. but told by Malay authority that it must look like a factory and not look like a church. Still not yet approved in 2004.
10        times, at least, Malays (especially UMNO) had threatened to massacre the Chinese Malaysians using May 13 since 1969
50        cases whereby Chinese and Indian Malaysians are beaten up in the Khidmat Negara (National Service) program in 2003.
8000 B        is the total amount (RM 8000 Billion Rnggit) the Gov’t channeled to Malays pockets through ASN, ASB, Tabung Haji, privatisation of Gov’t agencies, MARA, etc through NEP over 34 years period.
25%        is  Chinese population in 2004, drop from 45% in 1957
20         reported cases whereby Malay ambulance attendance treated Chinese patients inhumanely and Malay Gov’t hospital staffs purposely delay attending to Chinese patients in 2003. Unreported cases may be 200.
600,000        are the Tamil and Chinese Malaysians with red IC and was rejected repeatedly when applying for citizenship for 40 years. Perhaps 60 % of them had already passed away due to old age. This shows racism of how easily Indonesians got their citizenship compare with the Chinese and Indians.
95%        of Gov’t contracts are given to Malays.
3        only 3 out of 12 Human Rights items are  ratified by Malaysia Gov’t since 1960
0        Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (UN Human Rights) is not ratified by Malaysia Gov’t. since 1960s
5%        Only 5% is given to Non-Malays for Gov’t scholarships over 40 years.
0        Chinese or Tamils were sent to Japan & Korea under “Look East Policy”.
100%        All business licensees are controlled by Malay gov’t e.g. Taxi permits, AP permit etc.
2        Chinese taxi drivers were barred from driving in JB Larkin bus station. There are about 30 taxi drivers and 3 are Chinese in Oct 2004. Spoiling taxi club properties was the reason given.
80%        of the Chinese rice millers in Kedah had to be sold to Malay controlled Bernas in 1980s. Otherwise, life is make difficult for Chinese rice millers.
10        At least 10 Chinese owned bus companies (throughout Malaysia, throughout 40 years) had to be sold to MARA or other Malay transport companies due to rejection by Malay authority to Chinese application for bus routes and rejection for their application for new buses.
1        Dewan Gan Boon Leong (in Malacca) was altered to other name (e.g. Dewan Serbaguna or sort ) when it was being officially used for a few days. Gov’t try to shun Chinese names. This racism happened in around year 2000  or sort.
100%        All contractors working under Petronas projects must be Bumiputra status.
3%        of Petronas employees are Chinese.
30        gov’t produced TV dramas and film always showed that the bad guys had Chinese face and the good guys had Malay face. You can check it out since 1970s. Recent years, this tendency become less.
100        big companies set up, managed and owned by Chinese Malaysians were taken over / bought over by gov’t / Malays and later managed by Malays since 1970s e.g. UMBC, MISC, UTC, etc
100        constituencies (states and parliaments) had been racistly re-delineated so that Chinese voters were diluted so that Chinese candidates particularly DAP candidates lost in election since 1970s.
20        constituencies won by DAP would not get funds from gov’t to develop. Or, these Chinese majority constituencies would be the last to be developed.

0        temples / churches were built for each Taman (housing estates). But, every Taman got at least one mosque / surau built.
3000        mosques / surau were built in all Taman throughout Malaysia since 1970. No temples, no churches are required to be built in Taman.
2637        Malay primary schools built since 1968 – 2000
48        Chinese primary schools closed. down since 1968 – 2000
144        Tamil primary schools closed down since 1968 – 2000
128        STPM Chinese top students could not get into the course that they aspired i.e. Medicine (in 2004)
1        publishing of Bible in Iban language banned (in 2002?)
20        cases every year whereby Chinese drivers who accidentally knocked down Malays were seriously assaulted or killed by Malays.
50        cases each year whereby Chinese, especially Chinese youths being beaten up by Malay youths in public places. We may check at police reports provided the police took the report, otherwise, there will be no record.
7%        is the present (2004) Malaysian Indians population, a drop from 12% in 1957
0        percent of Non-Malays staffs is legally required in Malay companies. But there must be 30 % Malays staffs in Chinese companies.
12%        is what ASN / ASB got per annum while banks’ fixed deposit is only about 3.5% per annum.

There are hundreds more racial discriminations in Malaysia to add to this list of “colossal” racism. It is hoped that the victims of racism will write in to expose racism. Malaysian Government should publish statistics showing how much Malays had benefited from the “special rights” of Malays and at the same time tell the statistics of how much other minority races are being discriminated. Hence, the responsibility lies in the Malaysian gov’t itself to publish unadulterated statistics of racial  discrimination.  If the Malaysia gov’t hide the statistics above, then there must be some evil doings, immoral doings, sinful doings and shameful doings, like the Nazi, going on  onto the Non-Malays of Malaysia.

Civilized nation, unlike evil Nazi, must publish statistics to show its treatment on its minority races, This is what Malaysia must publish...We are asking for the publication of the statistics showing how “implementation of special rights of Malays” had inflicted colossal racial discrimination onto Non-Malays.

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Wow! such a long long we list Singapore's faults!!!!!

The list

(1) Creation of "White Horse" status to benefit senior Pro-cardinal party mandarins or cardinal party staff.
(2) 85% of all housing are government built. no chance for anybody to become rich via this route.
(3) Most builders are Japanese, Korean or English. This is to prevent the formation of chinese builders hooi
(4) All medical, architecture, lawyer, political science are "screened by internal security" to weed out the wrong colours, political leanings from the university...creating a need for almost 15% of the cohorts to study in Malaysia, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and United States.
(5) High taxation of property and added property services charge.
(6) High sequestering of public savings...almost 33% income of the working population is sequestered while all investment outlets, property purchase is highly unbeneficial to the citizens.
(7) No freedom of speech, protesting Mandarins, Gentlemen's, businessman regularly hounded for "pointing out the obvious"!!!!
(8) Everybody in "Goyimed" ala "American BOZO" style with large Sex vice, gambling ships, liqour, drugs, crazy American style evangelist church, mad TV show..only "teaching comformity".
(9) Various licences, impediments, "roving eyes" that routinely forbid, fines, threaten the small businesses.
(10) High price (way above Malaysia) for petrol, gas, water, electricity, sewage treatment, road tolls, road tax etc. etc.
(11) Unaffordable middle class lifestyles, no cars, no bikes..even bicycle needs licensing (the last item might have been discarded)
(12) Unfair incursion in the private lifes of "free thinkers"...including wire tapping, drugging (case of Australian politicians in Australia, Francis Seow, Devan Nair etc. etc.), exposure of "porno photographs" of opposition politicians...

All these will NOT BE ALLOWED IN CHINA!!!!!

Only in BOZO America, PYRAMID SINGAPORE and still some defect Malaysia..not all in the list is rascist..example civil service is mostly job creation...only 20% of the MANDARINS are really middle class regulating jobs...mostly job creation...about almost all MALAY RIAU depends on government UMNO political base....almost like RUSSIAN COMMUNIST moslem system is quite comunalistic!


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What is the purpose of posting here,man!!!

One have to abide by the laws of the country.

Nobody is able to help you out there washing dirty linen in public.

Kind regards

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Mr. Caringhk, this tread is very important....

...i told you somebody is goyeling and goyiming me....

making it a game for think through any DIRTY LINEN question, AGGRESIVE question, BAD HEARTED question...etc. .etc....

makes me think and allow me to give a reply based on a FAIR EVALUATION of the subject matter.....

ha ha ha

Somebody made me JUDGE and THE JURY is you guys reading our collective posts.....

example...5 banks in Malaysia ...Malay majority...only 2 is really big...Maybank and Bumiputra banks...the first does a lot of government banking...and the second..always loose money on incestous lending

while the remaining 3 banks compete on equal footing with the 5 non-Malay owned banks. Curiously, the Malay Riau bureacrats allowed for each sub tribe a bank!!!!! Very fair the Moslem Riau Malays...

Compare these to Singapore...OCBC..Tan Kah Kah original bank remains becoz they help old man ascend the throne...then DBS is old man's own base while UOB is an alliance of all the other chinese by one...the cantonese, teochew, hainan, foochow banks were absorbed or destroyed...allowing for formation of UOB...a United Chinese bank of all tribe led by a capable Fujien.

Great isn't it!


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Let me check on the various accusations..and see how many are valid.

This message is definately from the Red Dot or its doggie party in Malaysia.

road names - well in Klang valley, increasingly roads are being given section and number to ensure easy tracing. we might have some crazies who want to show power, so some opposition pointing out certain matter is important to make aware the error.

vice chancellor - malays, well, nowaday private universities have mushroomed and the number of non-Malay graduates outnumbers the Malay graduates. Worse as the government university deteriorates due to incestous method, more and more students favour private school. Anyway the government has allowed the formation of UTAR, a chinese run university and the Thai government is forming another university in southern Thailand.

Petronas petrol station - this is only a slight issue, same things also occur in America. Afterall Chinese remains the main private sector business force in South East Asia..Malaysia is no exception.

village allocation- for your information, chinese who lives in villages are small in number. I think about 80% (0f 25%) of the Chinese lives in cities while 70% (0f 65%) of Riau, Pattani or Natives lives in villages...Malaysia is 60% the allocation will be less. In addition Chinese villages are like mini industrial zone....and are near urban centres with proper roads and lighting. chinese people are also very mobile....most have migrated to cities.

....more to come

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Let me see...more on the list....

Well, Chinese family on average earns around RM50,000 per annum with those in Kuala Lumpur household earns Rm80,000 per annum. Very few Chinese household earn Rm12,000!

i think the "self help" training here is good for Chinese families, 2nd hand books store are abound, and a little philantrophy would go a long way here..for the 2% with less than Rm12,000 income.

As usual, imagine the Riau people are only 6 million strong. Of that around 3 million are adults...some 1.5 million Riau are working in government service (980,000) and in glc linked company (500,000). Without this "bloated set up"..many Riau would be in serious poverty. I think the Chinese would have to be PHILANTROPHIC about this and thank GODDESS OF MERCY for giving us the CAPABILITY to look after overselves. Most Riau depends on hand outs and are generally uninterested in business.

I think the Chinese school system is an adaptation of the British Colonial system. The English encourage "self determination" and chose "low taxes"....the Chinese school system teaches the Chinese the "value of money" they pay school fee like that in Singapore..only 50% subsidy...or even China!!!! As usual, the Malays has a subsidy mentality. However i might add that Chinese schools are supported only in the primary level or only 1/4 cost of 25% population or 1/16 budget - simple demographics and cheaper primary education...while Riau, Native, Chinese, Indian, Pattani are 15/16 of the budget. The chinese PTA is a good source of pride to the Malayan Chinese, and many Chinese tycoon, businessman, professional donates as a matter of pride......and it is no surprise that Chinese school perform better than the Government school and are in better state of upkeep. ( i wonder whether Malayan Chinese would want to grow up in a subsidy mentality enviroment????? The Way of Nature is strange...harsh in order to be kind!)

more to come......

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more from the list...

...15% discount? nolar more like 5% to 15% range. Still the quota of property remains unsold as Riau prefers to stay in rural area or non urban townships, the lack of stress in rural setting is comforting to most...chinese lifes are stressful, so they drink, dance, go to movies or concerts to get rid of stress. Around 60% of the Riau and probably 90% of the Pattani prefer a "religous life", being happy with long hours of prayer in the local mosque or surau. The "house of worship" is a source of community gathering and is "high point" in the "lifestyle" chose by the pious moslem. The more Metropolitan Malays...don't even go to mosque and eat non halal foods...i have seen some eating pork!!!!!! and drink beer~!!!!!!!! and even looked chinese or Indian to me.

University lecturers and put-raja-ya imperial housing...i think doesn't deserve an answer.

civil servants, i have already answered on top.

The armed forces...well during the Singapore-Malaysia confrontation, the Riau stocked up Riau officers for fear of loyalty in case clashes occur with Singapore. Likewise, Singapore also didn't recruit Malay soldiers.

TV...mmmmm....but now we have satellite TV, internet TV.....from Hong Kong, TAiwan, Korea, China, Mexican, UK and Hollywood...and the more world wise Chinese read widely from quality media info. In the near past, TV1, TV2 were mostly religous content while TV3 is the media arm of UMNO - the premier Riau party....the Natives got their NTV7 while the Indians has ASTRO TV, the Hup Sing now has a cable TV system..only the Pattani is denied media access.....well that's better than Singapore where only the Cardinal party controls all the media. I guess the RIAU leadership now trust the NON MALAYS and understand the tomfoolery of the past.....

more to come...

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