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Need advise...Why do men not answer their phones? [Copy link] 中文

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hehe there you go......

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"Why are men in China such CHICKENS? Why is it hard for men in China to face reality? Why not just talk to me and tell me instead of hiding!!!???"

This is BS! This is what white men do all the time in China. It's a perfect way for them to dump one girl and go to the next. They figured after not answering the phone for like 2wks, the girl will understand that that's the end. So who is a CHICKEN?!!!

Perhaps this chinese 'bf' of yours is doing the same thing. He is a MALE! Get it?! And also taking advantage of you being a westerner who will one day go back to the west so you are good for temporary 'relationship' and sex.


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i just read your story and it does makes me sad, i dont want to sound corny or something, but i just know how it feels.
anyway, i hope things are much bettter for you now so as to her,,,
i dont judge her decision,, she dreams and she does have it... i just hope she will find happiness in the end...
if there is someone worthy of your love, she will surely come...
remember true love cannot be found were it doesnt truly exist nor cannot be hidden were it really does...
peace be with your/her heart...

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other possbilities

he doesnt answer phone, which doesnt mean he is avoiding u, there might be other possbilites such as his phone is not working, he is not in china, etc

This happens a lot, many times i send text message to friends, but they failed to get , also sometimes the phone not working well.

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I may be dating myself here, but....

I miss the good ol' days. Before mobile phones, internet connectivity, and all that stuff...ah, the Dear John/Jane Letter.  Nothing like getting something you can physically hold in your hands, crush to your heart, render into tiny pieces like the shards of your soul.

But I wax romantic here...

Really, the guy could be dead, busted up and broken, on vacation (from you happens...people do need space sometimes), phone not working, in the massage parlor (hard to take calls), visiting other girlfriends or girlfriend's families (hard to take calls), drunk and homeless, stolen phone (hey! backup that addressbook!), etc etc etc...

My guess is the monestary. They have cold showers and free meals.


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come on

Mens are the same everywhere like we are do not waste your time.. Really it hurts your self esteem.
You should love you first to love someone after

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"in the massage parlor (hard to take calls), "

Hahahahaha..  i'm sorry that really made me laugh..

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