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Need advise...Why do men not answer their phones? [Copy link] 中文

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Dont you know its holidays?
3 billion people on top of each other [courtesy: CSI]

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For example.

I knew one guy, we was together in the reality a few hours only, he was so cute, he told me, that tomorrow I will call him, and he will takes me to his home to meet with his parents and blah blah blah...
Next day and many other days I tried and tried to call him, his phone was not closed, but he never answered...
I tried to call him from many numbers, but it was still the same...
The Chinese sometimes are strange... @_______@

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Why are chinese men so strange...

Thanks everyone for your help. I will be arriving in China in two weeks. I already pay for my plane ticket. So there is no turning back now...

So in China, not answering phone calls means that everything is over?
Why are men in China such CHICKENS? Why is it hard for men in China to face reality? Why not just talk to me and tell me instead of hiding!!!???

Its 2006 soon, why play games... why lie and play with eachother feelings...

Should I give him a final call when I arrive in China????????

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Um um - no answer mesns over !

Get real , would you not to answer if the one you loved calling you ?
Or start it over with somebody in the states , i've no faith in " Long Distance Relatioship " !

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Yes you can call him after arrive in China. I was fall in love with a chinese girls. She was very honest in my eyes. We met 3/4 times in China. I'm not in chinese and I live in Bangladesh. We make friend through internet. I felt she likes me, but she doesn't like friendship with other girls. I told her many times that love and friendship are not same. As a man I'm honest and sincere. At last she went to USA and got married with and American. I think she hide her relation with that guy from me. USA is a dearmland for mostly all Chinese girls. Finally she is not happy, now she feel my love. Read her letter to me -

Dear Babul:
Ni Hao! Thank you for the Love right ,I have a soft corner and silent love for you .I am appreciate you so much for your sacrifice for Love ,but I think the LOVE is selfish .

Thank you pray for my happy and bright future. I have dark future ,my husband not Love me ,He marry me just for I am a nurse ,He want to me come here go to hospital work in the few years ,get more money same he and help him with anything ,he work get money almost give his EXwife and children ,the life very hard for this family.]

He feel unfair ,why he work and his wife(me) stay home not work eat his food ,He just food for me ,not give me money and not buy me everything .I am go to hospital work very very hard to me ,I must get English certificate of state and get nurse certificate .

He often angry to me ,because he feel unfair .when I am very upset and sad ,I am always think about you ,I think your Love Maybe can comfort me and help me be happy .I am sorry write you about these.

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babul91...oh my, I think you have bigger issues that me!
So what is happening now with her?
It must have been hard on you, that she actual left and went to marry another man.

She can always leave him after she becomes an American in 5 years... then she can marry you and you both can live together in America!
That would be perfect, since she does not have any children with him yet.

I pray for both of you, in hopes one day love will bring you both back together!

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Thanks for understand my pain also thanks for your kind advice. But I think it's not practical. Short break makes a love strong but a long break  kill the love. Love shouldn't establish by adulation. We are friends for forever it is batter. I don't want to move America, cause I don't think it my dreamland like her. I have no attraction about money or western life.

If you like we can be good friend eachother and share all pains and happiness. my MSN babul

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