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In love with a prostitute [Copy link] 中文

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Sad or What...!

Open your eyes friend and see  the light ... There are plenty of  more fish in the sea yeh. The baggage is not worth it  she has had more cockends than w/ends  you sound very desparate....! , are you fat and baldy by any chance....?

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Yes...I know I am not baldy....nor fat.......

She is lost man.....I know,     but thanks to everybody"s help ! I will try to monitor the situation and help her way out...(If she wants.....)

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tit for tat, visa versa, etc etc...

Well if she chooses to keep working I guess it means it's okay for you to keep going to hookers too.

Have you ever considered threesomes? And how much you might save if she doesn't charge you for her participation? Maybe even discounts with her co-workers? What about frequent flyer points?

After all, it's just the business of pleasure, no?   l;0)

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"I rather sleep alone and be happy than get married or in love w/ a protitute !

With 57.5 % divorce rate of just regular folks in America, you really think there is true love between a man and a protstitute.

I did a lot of research and came across a young, beautiful 22 years old prostitute in my research survey, I asked her how many men you have slept with in your few years working, her answer was "probably 500 men".

Let me tell you the truth, the answer is ten times that numbers, 5,000 men !!

Sure as Tom Cruise said, "You made me "complete"" is the biggest lie in love.

It is better to be friends than in love. True love only comes when you know someone from high school, from your own village, come from the same university and study together.

Once you pass that stage into work, you can find someone but the chance of getting divorce and marriage broken apart is 57.5% , up from 51%.

Second thing is "Marriage is not for everyone and in these day, there is and should not be any pressure from family to get married or stay in marriage".

I would rather be happy and sleep alone and married and be unhappy !

I hope dating or falling in love with a prostitute is a fatal attraction and result in "DEATH" !!

(I took time off to write this after a long hiatus in Friendship, Love , Relationship during my study of oncology --cancer research !!)

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From what you told us you are older and she is younger.
so you can judge the situation well yourself.
if she chose the wrong way can help her out
if can't

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ai yo

then ur mentally unstable...or disabled...

why fall in love with a hooker??..

ur wasting ur time..and ur at some stage hurting her as well....

as i mentioned before...ur not her..u wouldnt be able to understand her situation totally....

so just let her go...set urself free....there are many forms to show love....leavin her is also a form to love her.....

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