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10 moments that make you feel like a whore. [Copy link] 中文

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It's the time of the year again!

Santa just looked at me, in a crowded shopping mall, in front of everybody, called me not once, but three times: A "Ho"!

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Maybe, just maybe....

I dunno but perhaps Australia has GMAIL already....would that explain the disconnect?...just a question>

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and while I'm on the subject...

if you're gonna give an Engrish lesson it might be sensible to consult a Native English speaker....Prostitute refers to anybody who sells sex...whore is the common spoken term for a female prostitute...there b'aint no difference 'tween the two when referring to a woman who sells her body.  A male prostitute can be a stud (horse-breeding term) or a 'rent-boy' (usually homo$exual)...a Gigolo (G not J) is from Italian which referred to professional 'dancing partners' who usually provided their female paying customers with extra services.

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australia has gmail

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Not only GMAIL:

1. He is using softwere dictionaries to translate his English. Not so succexfully, becuase already 3 times we have found very big errors.
2. He is scared to show his "female" face, when I asked him to chat with me through the web-chat.
3.He is sending different pictures to different peoples. Mostly these pictures are some indonesians, japanese or korean girls.(Only a westerner can not make difference between koreans and indonesians or between chinese and japanese).
4.He is using a lot of bad, abnormal and f1cking language, that is impossible for a chinese girl. You can compare the way of typing of the other REAL chinese girls.
5.He is using GMAIL- a service STILL in aprobal and accesible just for some USA people. You need a special invitation to can get it.
6.He already TRYED TO CREATE UNTRUE accounts here, using another femlaes names.
7.He is in intimate relationship with a gay in this forum( Alex).
8.He is liyng about his adres( Shanghai, Asutralia , etc.)
9.He do not respect Chinese people, chinese moral and chinese Comm, party!
10. He is very angry every time when I found some new proves about his untrue essence.

  I would like to know - how to say in English - woman, that make sex with more than one person, but her motivation is not money. Give me some words, if   "whore" is not OK.

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Lots to choose from!

polygomist is the scientific term,
philanderer is the proper term,
adulterer or adulteress is the legal term for a married person involved in the act.
a harlet is the old English term, as is 'strumpet'.
..'a woman/lady of loose/questionable morals or virtue'
modern spoken English (regional variations) includes; 'slag' (NE & Midlands), 'slapper', 'tart', '{the local} bike' and many others.....including 'she's a good sport'.

however in todays modern society, where the mores of social behaviour are changing with the onset of feminism, the sexual revolution, sexual equality and the invention of reliable birth control we do have a different perception of women to the traditional society...'laddettes' are becoming quite acceptable to a large part of the younger old English saying: 'What's good for the goose, is good for the gander!'  that means that men can't have their cake and eat it....if its okay for men to sleep around then why not women...question?

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lol.... that was hilarious!!!

holidays you rock...great sense of humour.

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