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Do you Like White People? [Copy link] 中文

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ah yes...

"Every generation is doomed to repeat mistakes of the past."

"Learn nothing from history." (from the Book of Population Controls)

"My history is better than your history.
"No my history is worse than your history...nyah nyah nyah..."

"Oh yeah! Well my gun is bigger than your gun!"

"oh yeah! Well my penis is bigger than your penis!"

"Oh yeah! Well...well...well I've got a gun!"

"Is the safety on?"

"I don't use safety!"

"Well then I guess I don't need a gun. I'll just back up a few steps and wait."

;0)...have a happy broadcasting day everybody!

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how profound and deep you are. i guess you will be a hero with all your friends becasue you posted this and showed the white man up. well done, its nice to have goals in life. so tell me, do you feel good about yourself now? I hope so. Do you know that your post has caused several of my white friends to kill themselves because of guilt and remorse? They read it and thought "oh no....some guy on the internet posted some harsh words about us...its too much...our self-esteem has vanished...we can 't take it anymore". At this moment queues are forming in ny, paris and london, full of white people who read your post and decided that they should just give up and end their lives.
Well done, man. You're a hero.
Somebody give that guy a medal.

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white people

As stated before, white people are defensive and always on the attack if it doesn' fall in their favor. Some examples are above.
Instead of defending yourself, why don't you just admit that your race is the most evil race on this planet and do something about it.

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*eye roll*

Well, I tried. I tried to be fair. Some people's minds won't be changed.

I know this will probably fall on deaf ears, luckyducky, but I just hope you realize that by saying, "White people are racists, evil, greedy, etc.," you yourself ARE BEING RACIST.

Racist=making broad generalizations about a group of people based on their skin color. This is exactly what you are doing.

While you're busy spluttering that it's true or whatever, why don't you try and insert an iota of moderation and fairness like I did for you, despite your hostile tones?

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I've got friends are French , American , ABC , CBC , ..... what else i can say - um they are nice ~

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i like the people who like me and nice to me and always concern about    me....i don't give a darn about what kind of skin colour does his/her dad have


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quite agree with you

Hi, I am new here.
I read your post and I quite agree with you.

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