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Love problem..:(( [Copy link] 中文

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Dear Friends,

Now i have a big problem in my life now.
I love a girl very deply...i feel i can not live without her.
While i was falling in love with her i got o know that she has already a boy friend and she loves him much. My friends say i should give up...i feel they are right but i can not because i love her very very much.
I tol her that i love her and i asked her that should i give up?
she said she can not tell anything and she always say i am very very best friend to her.

what can i do?...please give me some suggestions.

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Hi,nice to meet you.
I have the similar experience with you,but the role is opposite,
I love my boyfriend, but the other boy love me,
I think you have two choice:
1.don't give up ,go ahead
2.let nature take its course

ps:The love is a thing very difficult to say clearly, GL

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she is right

i think the girl is right
don't waste ur time to depart a pair of lovers.

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change mind

as time go on, forget everything about her,
find a new life!

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When love and pain become one--separate them.

You can never gain a girl's love, in a situation like this, by begging her to be with you or from seeking pity.

You need to respect the girl's choice, and you need to maintain your own dignity.

People cannot--and should not--be controlled. She is a person, not an object. All of the wishful thinking in the world will not bring her to you.

What is it that you love about her? If you can actually identify those thing. I think a person loves certain attributes, not just one person.

Once you know what those things are, that you love about her, then you can look for other girls who have those qualities. In a nation of 1.3 billion people, don't tell me that you can't find anyone else. Often, a person who thinks that another person is the "only" one--and is not wanted by that person--will most often find someone else who will make them wonder what they saw in the first person, that the new one makes them much happier.

Love is often a mystery, but often a person makes it more than a mystery than it has to be.

The following is very important: Work on your self-confidence and self-esteem. Confident people are very appealing--male or female.

Do things to add to your talents and abilities. Develop things that make you attractive to other people, such that they are attracted to you and want to be around you.

It doesn't take much money at all to become a truly attractive, desirable person. As I had advised others, a person can be clean and have clean clothes, even if they don't have many clothes or new clothes. A person can make their minds and personalities very attractive to others, which doesn't cost money.

It is never enough to just love the person or want them, but it takes work on one's self to attract others.

In what I have said, I say it not knowing you. Also, in what I say, it is advise that others can use, who find themselves in your situation.

If a girl were to love you only for money, then she is worth nothing herself. For you girls, if a guy loves you only for your beauty or because he wants you to take care of the house and cook for him, then he doesn't have the real love you want, nor real respect for you.

Love is very complex. The girl's attraction to the other guy (to him, YOU are the other guy!) most likely has nothing at all to do with you, but only with her attraction to him. This sort of thing has to do with issues that reach deeper into a person's mind than they can even be aware of.

You won't win a girl's heart if she thinks you are too weak to live without her. She wants a strong, sensitive guy who loves to live and has a wonderful passion for life. That kind of guy can bring out the best in her...and she will want to bring out the best in him. :-)

I can see it is very painful for you, but perhaps you should just try to relax and avoid that girl, until you have had time to find more inner-peace and perhaps a different girl who really loves and won't let you leave her. Then, perhaps, you can be that girl's friend.

Right, now, by being around her and that guy, you are only creating a lot of tension and discomfort for them and for you, which is not good.

I wish you good fortune and happiness!

Blue Tiger

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It's up to her.

i think u should ask her who on earth she prefers.After all,it's up to her to choose a lover.Be a man.Maybe she will change her mind .Good luck!

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catherine has been deleted
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no choice exists

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