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The problem with sex in China [Copy link] 中文

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I am a caucasian male living in China.  Girls come at me from all directions but I have a problem.  The problem is I don't find prostitutes attractive.   That being said I am having a hard time finding a gf who is NOT a prostitute.  I mean this in the widest sense, when a girl wants me for my money, my passport etc, then I think she is no different from a hooker on the street corner.  I have seldom met a Chinese woman who does not have an agenda in this respect.  

OK, I hear you say, why don't I just enjoy the attention and have a good time.  The reason is that when sex is considered a currency, there can be no true intimacy.  Chinese women will let me do anything I want to them, sexually.  But, I have not yet met a Chinese girl  that is really in touch with her own sexuality.  What is up with this?  I am beginning to beleive that tying to teach a Chinese girl about sex is like trying to teach a blind man about color.

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well, thts interesting to know...i think they are taught to be submissive when comes to sex??...not like greek women..they are tigers in bed...LOL

for you, you are a caucasian bakc in china, it is hard to find a woman who can really love you for who you are treated differently thts for sure..but thts the environemtn ur in.. u cant do much about it...just adapt to it..maybe?..though you might be lucky later find a woman who knows exactly what she wants...

about girls in china..i think they might taught that its not good to be demanding or telling the man what she wants..she might be thought bit slutty..or thigns like tht..but from my opinion, i think its sad..cos women have been treated as a sex toy for long time..we are not toys for others pleasures...i think its cool to seduce a man..and make him horny, and please him in also lead him in the bedroom is a turn-on....cos guys usually are learners in sex...they have simple brain..but a girl..can do a lot of things to have him mind me..i relaly love to see a guy got pleased..and begging for more..hahaha...maybe i sound like a man?....

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Sinful Angel.  Thanks for the perception.  Its interesting that the very thing a hooker can't really do - enjoy sex, is considered the thing that is slutty - its backwards don't you think?

It sounds like you consider sex to be some kind of competition.  I have also had women like this, although I have never found one that can out play me.  If I think I am being toyed with I show no mercy :)

So have you really shared yourself with a man - like 100% vulnerability?  Has a man shared this with you?

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no worries,

well, i do think it is hard for hookers to have an orgasm or enjoy the sex..cos usually for girls..its hard for them to cum..usually only cum under the circumstance with the guy she is in love with...even in tht situation, not every gal can cum...for guys..their ultimate goal in sex to see the girl have an or multi i have been told actually girls enjoy most during guess its the stretch makes girls really excited???

however, i am not being slutty, but it is quite intersting and thrilling to screw a stranger from my point of view..dont u think??...sometimes its even more thrilling, if you two dont even talk, just get in

i dont treat sex as a i sound like tht type of gals?? i, personally, just like enjoy pleasing a guy, and seeing him enjoy it makes me feel good..i dont know why...i always think a guy can sleep with so many girls..and i can do the same thing...i can sleep around..and use them for fcuk..thts cool...i hope i dont sound like a slut or watever u think is maybe its hard tht not to think in tht way...

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u dont sound like a slut to me at all,,,cuz i understand what u r talking about ...hahaha,, and altho i v always been thinking about how cool it is to seduce a man to bed, i never put it into,,, not that i couldnt(lotsa guys r hitting on me...),,  just that i wouldnt,,,, all they want is sex, and i find it hard to leave without emotional attachments... either side will weigh this more than the other,,u know what i mean?? so t's wiser only to seduce a guy and try my charm BUT NOT TO BED.....LOL,,,sounds a bit silly, but t's fun anyways
and,, richard, t's not always the case,, may be ur appearance is to be blamed(j/k, no offense huh) , u look like a playboy? lol,, sure u will find a nice girl,,,dont always try to think girls r fixing their eyes on ur money... cuz u can already feel it when they do this to u.... i mean,,, treat a girl with ur own heart,, ul know who's the one imediately...
of course,, u need to look for one first...hahahaha

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hahah..thank god you dont see me as  a sometimes i look at myself in the mirror..and seeing a slut in

i guess i start to know how to control my feelings towards guys..i dont fall for the guys that i have ons with..cos its just a one night thing..once i started to feel for a guy from ons, but it turned out to be stupid waste of time and i changed my mind..and learnt from the past, from then on,  i dont have any feelings towards those guys who i seduce , and sleep with...its just a phsycal thing...i just use them to satisfy my desire...also my curiosity...if they feel for me, then, its their happened that sometimes, some guys did have a bit emotional attachment with me after ons...but i will cut them off totally..i dont need any emotional so sick of it....well..thts the way i am...

the problem i have is that i am just too curious towards guys..and each one is different though they have one thing in common, dick. but curious..and i know one day my curiousity will kill stil..i enjoy it...and i like playing and fooling them...get them seduced, tempted, pleased, and fcuked...i am that kind of girl...which is bit sad..=(...some ppl cant understand the way i am..but i dont give a shit about it..i am myself...i am young, full of life ahead of me..and have curiosity towards opposite sex, and wanna explore them thoroughly!!....

well...i think richard might have the problem u mentioned...why must he think gals approach him for either $ or passport?...when i was in china, i saw some caucasians who are poorer than me...and actually i reckon locals are richer than those

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Sex Sex Sex

Flavie.  Yes, unfortunately people think I do look like a playboy, although I am not exactly a boy anymore - so what!  

I think sex is sacred and you can't approach it with anything less than honesty.  I know when a woman is faking it.  And with Chinese women, they try that stupid trick a lot - what the hell for!

I would love to meet a Chinese girl who doesn't alternate between shame at being sexual and shame at being sexually inadequate.   Maybe it is like trying to teach color to a blind man.

Incidentally, women can be very clever, I can't always tell what their agenda is right off.  But, I can always tell where they are coming from (or NOT cumming from!) in bed.  Maybe its me, maybe I'm a shitty lover.  I worked as a sex therapist for 7 years and I am usually fairly confident at my ability  - but I am getting really dicouraged here guys.

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