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looking for a western boyfriend [Copy link] 中文

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Hey, You are way too harsh to this poor little girl!!...No matter what intentions she has in having a caucasian bf...You shouldnt have behaved like that!! There is a limit, and you have go beyond it, my friend!!!

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i don't want to say anything,just advice you to watch a chinese movie by a super male star.

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meeting western guys

I agree with what devilman said. A lot of guys may look good in movies, but who ever said movies were an accurate representation of real life? Like in any culture, the best guys are few and far between. After about 5 years of dating (I'm 21 now), I finally found my current boyfriend, and we've been together for 2 years. He's the first guy who's as good as the ones in the movies (better, even, because he's real and mine!), and the first guy I've dated for such a long amount of time. And I'm in America--needless to say, your selection will be much smaller.

If you really want to pursue this, that's your choice. But for your own sake, be careful!! It's too easy for these foreign guys to take advantage of you if you have it stuck in your head that you want to date one of them. Keep a level head--you will make better decisions. I'll wish you good luck, but don't expect a lot of results in the short term.

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we still have right to dream

My friends! Although the world is much worse than we dream,we still have right to dream. If not,the world will be get worse in the futuer.On that time,it do deprive  of our right to dream.The sky will be blue no longer,and we can't count,enjoy your right to dream,and conserve the happ day.

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just to be yourself!

: )

i should say that i am glad to see ,many people here are so are saying yourself 's say.

Whatever you say here,i think it is for the same purpose to offer the good advice to her.Right?

There is not right or wrong for people to make dreams---even that it is naive or ridiculous,just try to be yourself.but the premiss,be careful all the time before you take your action.

I would like to say something more also,but i am afraid my english is limited

wish you all have a nice weekend!

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i can relate to what you said in your first post. i spent 3 months in china last winter. i lived with a very nice family and met many chinese girls who were very sweet. since i have returned to america it has often been a day dream about working for a few more years and taking off to china with a beautiful chinese girl. now i dont have this dream with an american woman.
i know that my thread will get relies saying im only white trash and cant make it in amerca and thats why i choose to dream of goign to chian to marry a chinese woman, however that is not that case. i just have a dream of meeting a beautiful chinese woman and living a happy life one day.
its not so bad to have such desires. in fact its only natural to have a preferece in men or women and natural to dream of love.

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the initial "girl" poster is again greadier88 or sth. a chinese male. every1 just wasted their time AGAIn by responding.

ironic that a chinese male trying to stir-up hatred gets responses from laowai urging chinese females to stay away from laowai just because of their skin colour..........

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