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dating with a foreign boy [Copy link] 中文

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I think you said good suggestion.
But for sure.I don't think all chinese girls seems like that.
Some of chinese girl are stupid and cheap.but not all of them.
Other people.I can't agree with you all comment.
Foreigner guys  not all bad either.In fact.chinese guy did bad thing too sometimes.Don't be so extreme.Not all of them are great.not all of them are bad.don't be so opinionated.
For the girl who is looking for foreigner guy.I think you are a lil bit thoughtless.You know where were you?It's chinadaily,You will be ruded by so many people here.And no one will protect careful what you said here.don't be cheap for sure.good luck

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Play safe

Hi gal,

I dont know why you like caucasians, they are really as normal as every human out there...I dont know whats wrong with me, But I dont think highly of those caucasians in China, in my eyes, they are classified as dumping products!! They cant survive, or they dont have a market in their countries, thats why they end up in China, huge, and full of potential!! as we have 13 billion people!!!! =P

But still, there are some nice, decent caucasians in town, but for tht decent group of guys, they are usually in their late 30s or 40s, so you will end up by their mistress .. etc

I dont know what to say, just hope you play safe there, and do open your eyes when you pick the one to play with!! dont play with fire, and burn yourself!!..

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this forum

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re: this forum

Well, We are not saying ALL chinese girls are trying to steal westerner's $$ or ALL caucasian guys are dumping products!! ( even though, it might be the case!!)...

I just talk from my experience, I am a Chinese, but have been studying overseas for the past few years, I went back to Shanghai this holiday for one month, I find this strange situation, when I went to restaurant alone or with my Chinese friends, we were asked to wait to get seats, However, when I went to restaurant with a caucasian friend, I got seated faster than other people waiting in the queue!! It is just so strange to me, we are Chinese, why we treat our own people so differently from caucasians? Just cos they have blue eyes, speak English?? Sometimes, I think the govenment and the local people have provided a better environment for the caucasians, its like a haven for them!! They get their ways!!! And they have been spoiled by the locals!!

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yes, it's an unfortunate fad here isn't it?

fortunately i haven't seen any foreigners getting privileged in front of my eyes, but if i do, hehe, lo and behold the restaurant or any other establishments better watch out! i have plenty of practice cursing people out loud in public with everybody watching... hehe.


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yes, sir!!!

Well, I dont know whether its fortunate or not..but it is interesting to see those small things happening around us!

I think I am the typical anti-caucasian ppl

But seriously, I just dont know why the local government gives too much priviliges to the caucasians, they treat them too good, not all of them deserve it!! I still believe most of them are assholes, and dumping products!! They just see china as a market that they can get a slice!!

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to on-ca

yup, i have to admit you said it in terms of the "smiling" thing...the difference is i smile to people i don't like and giving laughter to people i like...and if i don't like that "white guy" i won't see him the second time...stick him the first time to the trash box.

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