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dating with a foreign boy [Copy link] 中文

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While I'm sure your post is well-intentioned, I've gotta' question its content.

You START by saying that foreigners are just other humans, like you, and everyone else.  Which I agree with 100%

But then you go on and describe foreign men as coming to China because they can get cheap, easy sex here.  

Now, I'm a foreigner.  I've been in China 12 years.  And personally, I'm sick and tired of being described this way.  Yeah, there are foreign men who enjoy the availability of young, attractive Chinese women...but there are Chinese women who are more than willing to make themselves available.

There are also plenty of foreigners here who are great people, very sincere in their relationships, etc.  Just as there are also plenty of Chinese women who don't jump into bed with every foreigner they meet.

Please, get rid of the stereotypes.  You STARTED off great, pointing out that we're all human, we're all basically the same.  But from there, you disintegrated into the same hackneyed generalizations that so many people seem to like using.

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Just depend on destiny

I agree with you!
There are good foreigners and bad chinese that all of them depend on yr own. On the other hand, for affection, i think most of time what due to destiny.

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exactly right

my believe has always been: when u judge a person, u judge his/her personalities not the skin color, t's only superficial to look at the "skin problem" instead of what is deep inside. i met lotsa nice foreign guys, and met some bad as well, JUST LIKE CHINA, as our saying goes,, u got both long and short fingers among the ten... t's universal...

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time for me checking myself.

I am not perfect and I made mistakes also. I admit that I have the responsibility for about what happened. God please forgive me and lead me to be a nicer person. I am sorry I have complained too much and hurt peoples feelings please forgive me. I wish everybody is happy and health.
Today’s reminder
What am I doing with this precious ability to recall what happened in the past? In I use it to remember enjoyments and interesting experiences, it will give me a saving perspective on the problems I am encountering in the here and now. I can also use the gift of memory for storing up today’s blessings to tide me over future woes.
“let not thy thoughts dwell upon the days of thy sorrows ,but rather on those which brought thee brightness and peace”

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not all the foreigher in China are bad or just for play ..It depends

I think what u said is right,we should be objective,there are good and bad person here and there around world.The key is not to impose,just be natural whether he's foreigner or not.

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yes you are right.

birds of a feather flock together.ur life ur choice.

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to the author of this thread

how do you define  foreign "boy"? 5 or 10 years old?

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