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because i am not white! [Copy link] 中文

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It is more than the face of a Chinese but more.........................

Would I go back to CHINA to teach or work ? No

I am happy where I am but I have not read all the postings but only personal attacks, one after another.

I have met many N. American teachers returned back home. Most are female university graduates. They are fun to be with the Chinese students. Many young .American teachers shocked their Chinese students, like a "white" girl/woman playing soccer with her Chinese students and presented with many activities that are related to "high-valued" educational activities, ie. drama, reading novels, discussion of many current home events.

I am not saying a Chinese-Brit can not do that. But many rich Chinese parents, Korean businessmen sent their kids to an international schools expecting white teachers.

If I really want to eat real Chinese food, I would go to CHINATOWN instead of those pseudo-Chinese-American take-out places.

So I hope you don't get frustrated and return home to England where you belongs. It is a tough situation but your parents immigrated to U.K. thinking it is a better place for you. So let it be and stay there.

There is no need to go to CHINA !

If I ever go to CHINA, I will be a guest and a tourist , going there for fun and not thinking about to teach or work  !

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Bananas and eggs.

I first encountered the term "banana" in Singapore, where 7 out of every nine in the population is ethnic Chinese. There it basically refers to someone who is of Chinese descent but who thinks and lives his life like a Westerner. They are viewed as being yellow on the outside and white inside- like a banana. In Canada "bananas" are referred to as "lemons".

The opposite of a banana is an egg, or a hard-boiled egg. This is someone who is Caucasian by descent but who thinks and lives like an Asian- white with a yellow centre.

Also in Singapore there is a distinction among the Chinese for those who speak very little English and have poor pronunciation. They are referred to as "ching-chong", from the old western children's joke Ching Chong Chinaman. Following is an extract from the best Singlish dictionary on the 'Net:

Another derogatory term for someone who is very 'cheena'. Usually used with the suffix 'Chinaman'. There is probably a shade of difference between 'ching-chong' and 'cheena', but it is subtle. 'Ching-chongness' tends to be comical, whereas 'cheena' leans more on the sleazy.
1. You don'ch know meh? His father very ching-chong Chinaman one, always wearing pajamas at home.
See also: Cheena  Cheenapiang  Cheena Gherk

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Where are the jobs paying RMB 10,000?

Most of the ads I see on the 'Net are in the ballpark of RMB 5,000 to 6,000. Of course this is not the real salary, as accommodation, Internet access and even subsidised transportation, return airfares, bonuses and even cheap meals in school canteens are included in the package. This would inflate the base figure to close to the 10 grand mark.

I think the main reason that salaries for Western teachers are so much higher than those of Chinese teachers is that the standard of living in the west is that much higher and we expect more.

As a rough guide, RMB 5,000 is just over USD 600 or AUD 800. As a comparison, a High School teacher in Australia earns the equivalent of RMB 6,000 a WEEK! Again, rent/mortgage, food, and so on need to be deducted from this figure to make a realistic comparison with Chinese salaries for Western teachers.

Westerners, no matter how much of a "hard-boiled egg" they are (see my earlier post), will want to eat Western food occasionally. Western food is comparatively very expenseive in China. For example, the price I paid for a coffee and piece of cheesecake at Starbucks in the Forbidden City more than paid for dinner for THREE of us at a restaurant near my hotel that night.

There is much more to this argument than I can print here, and is not a problem that can be dealt with adequately on a bulletin board forum.

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I first started this post when I had been in China for about 3 months. I feel that it was out of frustration and rejection from the examples of places that i have mentioned in my earlier posts.

I am now working in a games designing company and I work with translation of the games and applied teaching of English on the games. I also train the staff with English teaching once per week and there are no problems with my teaching and translation in English.

The problem is as always the usual thing in this small world like you guys both said - go back to where you belong! Why do you want to be in China? I like it here. I am Chinese and I speak three languages in Chinese. I feel your anger and fear of my post, but I would like to explain that I am not saying foreigners are not any good at teaching or why are they getting paid so much.

One question i would like to ask you guys - Have you been to England? It is more racist than you ever thought that it would be. I have dated a Caucasian before many times and the abuse I have received? UNCOUNTABLE! The bulling and racist remarks I have had through school, college, university, work and social life is unbelievable. I wanted to be nice and not talk about this but clearly you don't understand what life is like for a “Banana!”.

Go back to where you came from! So my birth place was Hong Kong my parents and their parents are from China and I had my education in England, so where am I from? Where do I belong? So all you Americans who are from Ireland should go back and let the Red native Indians have their land back? No because this is not reversible. I did not have the choice where to have my life and I am now old enough and have graduated from university so I will find my own way.

So where are there high paying jobs? Please read my earlier posts. If you look hard enough and you say that you are experienced and white then you can earn more. I am only repeating what I have been told while coming back here. Read the post where I wrote about a woman i saw who demanded $250rmb per hour when her manner was so poor and also the fact that I heard how poor her English was. She looked like she was from some middle eastern country but the most important thing was that she looked more "western" than I would ever look.

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I am happy for you and hope the best for you ! I hope all of us stop personal at

I always told my friends "Only if I can take back the time, I will be born in CHINA and live in CHINA and marry in CHINA and die in CHINA".

But life is full of curved balls and discrimination and harrassment is everywhere in England, United States, Canada and Australia.

However, it seems Chinese girls/women are more adapted to western world and face less discrimination than Chinese men.

I had to physically fought with 17 foreighners( N. American) to earn their respect to stop harrassment and discrimination and be "in" their group. Is this worth ?

And I have to overcompensate to adopt all their cultures including dating white women, eating McDonalds/steak dinners, driving Covette/Benz, live in a gated community and go to art galleries, attend New York Broadway Shows, Washington Kennedy Center, donated money to Charity ball, and what else ????

I shaked hand with the Mayor during many charity functions, stayed in five-star hotels and adopted all white men's culture.

I said "TO HELL WITH IT" I am Chinese but live in n. America so let it be and be myself.

I do what I like and please and care less about discrimination and harrassment and let them waste their money and time to harrass me.

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Mr. Devilman, Be calm and don't over-react to minor incidents. let me tell you m

Being rejected because I am not white is nothing new whether it is in CHINA or N.America.

They have followed me, broke into my house two days before Christmas, disabled the stoves, de-magnetized my garage door (my key is a credit card with magnetic tape), doing survellance 24 hours a day, refused to deliver mail to me. I ordered a new camera/video phone, they refused to deliver  and return to the vendor, what else ?

Harrassment and discrimination come in so many forms and at least you are told about why you are not hired.

My problem is they always invited me for interneiws with another white potential employee and went through all the interviews, examinations for 2 days (without pay) and never heard from the potential emoloyers.

If you believe I am qualified for the job but because I am not white but have no "gut" to tell me in N.America and sujected me to torture of two days of interviews, stupid cognitive function testings and writing skills testing, then I said, "CHINA is better than N.America".

Discrimination is so subtle that they won't talk to you, isolate you and place you in difficult situaltion, hiding documents/freights, diaabled the printers, or hide the printing papers so you can not give the reports.

Those are silly things colleagues did to me and  tried to harrass you, to embarrass you so you look "bad" !

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I am usually quite a calm person but for me maybe I was more shocked to be turned down by my own people over what? I understand this completely and have looked at things in different light. I realise that there are so many people out there just like me but are keeping quite about this. I didnt realise that you would have the same excperience in America.

I am just too  relunctant to go back to the UK. as I don't enjoy english food and the life style either. The people in fact are very nice but like you say they do little things to make you look "bad". The way it is - "politely rude!", Courtesy is always the image of the British but what is behind the larger majority is that they are not acceptant of this "invasion" of their country.

I'm glad that you understand. Now that I started a job in my major (multimedia technology) I should stick to it. English teaching was something i chose as I enjoyed teaching in England helping the foreign students but oh well.

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