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because i am not white! [Copy link] 中文

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Selamat Pagi, Mr. Emu central..actually the term "banana"...

...was created by the Oversea Chinese themselves...

YOu see, we are Chinese in features but we can think and understand the mentality of both Chinese and is not an insult since it was created by the Cantonese themselves who found themselves landed and becoming permenant features in both China, Far East, British Club, Europe and America.

We felt the "label" to be hillarious funny!

You can also see this regularly on Hong KOng movies..they like to have "banana jokes" and we choose to laugh at ourselve when some of our people couldn't even speak Cantonese well....with lots of other "foreign labels" peppering our speech!

You see, when you can think "like a chinese" or "think like a Whiteman" gets to be hillarious!


from Gd.

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the other reason ...

the other reason for Asian English learners prefer Caucasion teachers to non-Caucasion teachers---they want to have more chances to get used to speak to Caucasion. They lack confidence in talking to Caucasion. Psychologically they think people of their same races are less difficult to communicate because they meet them everyday.

Banana has yellow skin but white inside.

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"the computer does not lie"

"the computer does not lie"

hahaha, sounds like a housewife found her husband had some other women's photos download in his computer and confronted him. He said it was the computer virus's fault. Then she said: "the computer does not lie". She may be right on that case.

computer does not lie. yes, it has no brain. but computer can make mistake and so does the person who manage it.

xinyang doesn't trust people on internet to certain level . it's OK . if come to this point, what's the meaning to read here?

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amyamy, you are absolute wrong!

Banana has yellow skin but white inside? you are wrong!

Let me explain to you the actual meaning of "BANANA"!

it is............= LONG AND THICK PENIS!

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a thread like this was making the rounds over a year ago...

...except the poster had really atrocious English writing skills, but claimed to have a Bachelor of Science degree from an American univeristy -- so it was really hilarious.  We all had fun taking potshots at him, until we sortof all decided it was really not fair to the poor guy, who obviously couldn't comprehend half of what was being said.

Anyway, in spite of what Canchin says, I think your skills aren't too bad, a little slangy perhaps, but do us all a favor, and learn how to use the capitalization key (the small "i" worked for e.e.cummings, but for everyone else it's simply annoying).

Now, to the topic.  You have a valid complaint.  Here in our province, we have lady from Norway teaching English at one of our universities.  I suppose her written English is ok, but her spoken English has an accent as thick as any of my Chinese students.  But she has the "western" face, so apparently that's more important than a flawless British or American accent.

In another situation, years ago when I was in Sichuan, we invited a friend of ours to come make a presentation in one of our classes.  This young man was born in Vietnam but had grown up in America, held a bachelor's degree from an American university, and had a flawless American accent (with a slight New England twinge).  One pompous young student told him to his face that his English wasn't "standard."  (all he could see was the Asian face).

Now -- to the solution.  It appears you've been making your job inquiries at private teaching companies.  Now, these companies are just out to make a buck, so they're following the basic rule of capitalism, which is basically to provide what the client wants.  The clients (those receiving lessons in English) want it taught by a white face.  

However, I have noted that a number of universities around China do hire overseas Chinese to teach (however, you must hold a Bachelor degree).  My own institution has hired overseas Chinese (Hong Kong -- immigrated to Canada at age 17) and Hainan University has a young man with similar credentials as yours (born in HK, raised in UK).  If you have a bachelors (in any subject), and your true interest is teaching, then go to one of the several internet forums recruiting English teachers for universities, and you'll no doubt find a job.  The catch is that the pay isn't too great (as Tekvicious pointed out).  Here in Hainan, it ranges from 3500 to 4500 yuan a month, which is less than a janitor in the States makes.  But you can live pretty comfortably on it as long as you stay in China.

Good luck!

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When I returned from Shanghai last night I found some info in the Shenzhen Daily that you might find explanatory and who knows, if you do have the qualifications maybe it can be of benefit to you - or indicate that you would be better off trying some other city for your teaching endeavors.

Shenzhen is becoming very strict as regards foreign English teachers - hopefully this will soon transfer to other cities. In July, the SZ Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs announced new policies requiring all foriegn teachers to obtain foreign expert certificates as work permits. Even though you have a HK id card, that isn't enough.

If you have the qualifications - diploma from an internationally recognized university, a CV listing the professional schools for whom you have worked etc., then I would suggest contacting the administration noted and provide them with your information.

Shenzhen has been getting strict for several months and several foreigners have been shown the door. If you truly are qualified then the best way is to go the formal route rather than just showing up at a training center or local school.

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patience is always sometimes maybe a virtue

Like to thank everyone for the advice given! Also I would like to apologise for my bad slang too (using too much msn and texting on the phone).Shenzhen is a very strict city where competition is far greater than i had imagined.

I have found that even many schools are privately owned in Shenzhen and competition is very high to get english into classes and charging amazingly high fees from the students parents.

I understand completely about being taught english by someone who looks native to the language and also it helps build confidence in the students with learning and practicing conversation.

The world is always changing for better or for worse and we all hope for the best.

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