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Chinese man dating a white girl ! [Copy link] 中文

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i remember you mentioning eating healthy in another thread long long ago. i was able to achieve it yesterday and two days before! my gf wanted to eat salad, so i had to make it. but thank god now i know how to make salads! nothing cooked, all raw and natural!

i feel like THE superman! we have something in common. we want to stay away from fried food as much as possible!

and i wanted to start eating healthy long time ago. now i acheived it! no wonder you are so successful in your No-CUM technique!

woo hoo!


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My Perception.

I agree with many of the comments posted here and I find it unfortunate that Western media has created such  negative stereotypes on Chinese men.  I have dated both white females and asian women and although there are some differences, they're pretty much the same.  That myth about the asian mans penis is BS too.  I have been told by my white girlfriends that it concerned them at first, but after seeing it, it confirmed their beliefs that it was in fact a myth.  Of course, I could be generalizing here, but both my white and asian girlfriends told me it was average size, so it makes me wonder.  

To end this I'd like to mention that the white females that I have dated tend to be very intelligent.  They have told me that they like Asian men because they are more sensitive to their needs, have sexy eyes, and smoother/less hairy skin.  One of my ex's was surprised when she saw that I had no hair on my chest.  

In time these negative stereotypes.  In the meantime Chinese men just have to be themselves and be proud of who they are which will likely speed up the process.

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Thank you for all your supports and comments ! Especially Wittyone, U are the on

Am I too explicit about sex ? Absolutely Not.

The essense of this story is a professional "white" woman may be acting very professional  in the office that you think she is an saint  doing dental surgery for her patients, wears a hospital scrub teaching patients about dental stuffs, works long hours but when she is off, she puts her hair down and have fun !

Am I not protecting her ? Absolutely yes, Did I upload her picture, NO !

The size of the penis is never an issue for me. It is how you use it and have endurance and stagmina and as hard as US Steel, and as tough as New England Patriot defensemen.

Also she told me she has been in previous relationship before that she had to iron clothings for her "white" boyfriend, and did the chores and cooked. So I do think Chinese men are more sensitive and kind and considerate ( I am talking about educated professional Chinese men !)

To Ms ab4jiangling, "EAT YOUR HEART OUT" !

She is not my girlfriend, but my "friend". We had a short phone conversation last night and I stated clearly to her and reminded her in one of the scene in COLD MOUNTAIN, the southern lady  during the end of the Civil War in America cried and stated  to Jude Law "Hold me , but don't go further"  in bed!

So I can not borrow my friend to you, she is not my girlfriend but a "FRIEND".!!!

You should have watched many episodes of "FRIENDS", they all have sex with each others but switched boyfriends/girlfriends quite often !

So this is the most important essense of dating a white girl.

Go with the flow and have a good time and fun ! (whether have sex or not !)

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To my No,. 1 fan, Wittyone ! Whether Asian or white girlfriends, they want to be

ab4jiangling, "EAT YOUR HEART OUT" !

My female friend is only 125 lbs, 5'4", loves to eat but not a large portion and even learn how to use chopstick. She does not know how to use rice bowl to eat rice yet but certainly she loves salads and also deserts !

When dating some "white girls". you really have to learn about "organic food", vegee burger, tofu, vegetarian dishes and stay the hell away from meat, especially McDonald. I went to the extreme to get the "Almond Tofu" for her and she loved it !

And she loved the Chinese fish (the big fish with a long spine and sharp ribs)

As far as the No Cum technique and Never Cum technique, it is impossible for 99.999999% of all men on earth to learn and able to practice so elegantly. But it is  all about "will power" and "control of pleasure zone and erotic zone" and able to stay "wood" and hard for days, not hours. You have to be healthy, I never have a drop of alcohol or ever  smoke, or eat Chinese fried food but I do eat at McDonald (bad habits).

This No Cum, NEVER CUM technique is so powerful that will knock your girlfriend off the bed and cause earthwakes to white girls and send them to waves and waves or orgasms all night ! LOL !!

I told her no one believes in me that I can practice the NO CUM and NEVER CUM technique because of excellent control of the parasympathetic autonomic nerous system !!

Ejaculation and staying hard are two separate entities. You can cum but you can also remain very hard and push back in and fuck for hours !

My female friend is very liberal and even tell me she loves to swallow cum. Sorry, no dice. I am Dr. Never CUM !!!

EAT YOUR HEART OUT !!! ab4jianglin, See if your boyfriend can perform turbo-charged 12-engine piston explosive sex !!!

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Why would I eat my heart out

You are such a ridiculous little man.  I have all I want of everything I want.  There is nothing I want that I do not have...and everything I have satisfies me thoroughly.

What I, and others, have been objecting to is your absurd, small-minded, TRANSPARENT, mentality.  Originally, you seemed to desire advice, though perhaps that was simply a ruse so that you could take an opportunity to talk about your sex life.  What's even more absurd is that you seem to think that you are the only person who has one, as sex life, that is...and nothing could be further from the truth.  The difference between you and the rest of us, is that most people keep their sexual anecdotes and exploits COMPLETELY private.  There is simply no reason, except for immaturity and insecurity, to publicly discuss the details of one's sex life.  Sex is a fact of nature.  Animals do it...only they have the good sense to mind their manners and keep the details to themselves.

Furthermore, as a VERY, VERY attractive and slender white female (whom a small-minded man foolish man like you wouldn't be fit to buy tea for, let alone spend the night with me or any other respectable woman) I heartily object to your tacit, but nonetheless obvious assertion that the modern, female (especially the white female) equates personal liberty with sexual expression.  Your girlfriend, or friend, or whatever you choose to call her...frankly...if by some miracle for you these tales from the bedroom are even remotely true...SHE'S A SLUT in ANY country!  And, therefore, you are simply a horny little man who is getting his rocks off with a loose woman.

Many women I know, Asian, Black, White, Hispanic...hardly matters, are unopposed to sex before marriage, but few, if any, are interested in "friendships" that have such an intense sexual component like the one you've presented.  An EDUCATED and MATURE man would know that the facade of one's professional life does not stand in place of one's morality or respectability.  The fact that your friend is a western woman is not the driving force behind her LOOSE behavior.  It is her indiscretion and apparent foolishness that makes her act as she reportedly does with you.

Furthermore and finally, NO RESPECTABLE OR DECENT MAN COMES ONLINE TO REPORT THE EVENTS OF HIS SEX LIFE!  It is YOU, dear_charles, who should eat your heart out because there are men all over the world who are even stupider and uglier than you and they have all the sex they want...and they are just as happy, without being anywhere near as vulgar.  

I am finished looking at this post because the mere act of dialogue with you is inappropriate for me or any other decent intelligent human being.

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do you love her and do you believe in love ?

Bottom line you need love and a good communication in your choosen language ( body language does not count ) ....

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