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Whither Japan: at crossroads on V-60 Day. [Copy link] 中文

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I haven't seen him for a couple of days.

The recent Sino-Japanese forum in Beijing showed that the Japanese think the Chinese government is responsible for the bad image they have.

Their collective average IQ couldn't have been too high!

That's the dangerous trend -- they actually believe their government has a point in putting the blame squarely on the Chinese and their government.

A great deal of work is ahead of us.

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A lot of words are censored

Another post with sensitive word(s).


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A lot of words are censored?

must be the Zionists

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Shanhuang, certain words are sensitive and I think the software is not working

The sensitive words do not follow any logic.  I found that the sensitive word here maybe something like "c o n t i n e n t a l."

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Another excellent post from wchao37 (far better than anything Heny Liu has ever written, to whom he was compared to above).  I disagree in quite a few parts but still a highly skilled and insightful analysis.

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Hey ubie, nnn

I spent a week's off-hours and the weekends doing this, with three revisions in four days.

Had a dozen pages (six zerox copy papers filled on both sides with scribblings of all ideas that came to my mind). The hard drive broke at one point and I had to rewrite everything from scratch.

I like it too, but I am still not satisfied.  There is still one typo.  Darn it.  The eyes play funny games with you sometimes.  How could I have not seen it?

Anyway, at least I can tell my mother I did something for the poor victims of the last war..  She is up there somewhere.  

I wasn't writing.  I was only putting down on paper in a logical sequence the ins and outs of the Sino-Japanese enmity with a view to ultimately improving our relationship.

We can't choose our parents and we cannot choose our nation's neighbor.  We need to find a way to live with them.

There are those who say "let's forgive them for the sake of modernization." But that is putting the cart before the horse.  Have you ever heard them wishing to be forgiven?  They don't think they need to be forgiven.  To talk about peace for the sake of peace will fail. -- M ao had told us long time ago.  To do so will earn us only scorn.

M ao said "to unite for the sake of unity (that is, just to be chummy with others) will fail, but struggle for the sake of unity will succeed."

We are therefore struggling with the Japanese for the good of both of our nations.

There was even a little research done on the third version, for I had to find out how many war criminals there were altogether.

CD has all the 3 versions.  The first version was not good.  Used the wrong word.  I wrote "In stark contrast with" and not "to" can you believe that?

And the funny thing is that I found out today some bloke used that first sentence of the first version as the gist of his quote from me in his collection of Japanese atrocities.

And this guy D.C. used it as "evidence" that I copied from the one who copied from me.

Anyway, sorry for the King's Cowshed I here.  I have to do this to protect the honor of our forum.  

That's the only language the parochial boor understands.

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be patient.

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