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beijing girl looking for a foreign boyfriend [Copy link] 中文

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blue tiger

please give me the permission to make my points clear:

1). first of all, i do't have the opinion that "international marriages don't work". my view is a good marriage depends entirely  on the couple themselves, not nationality,race,skin color,even age sometimes.

2).i just think the original poster did her post out of her curiosity without responsability,and most of time, it can not last long,especially for a girl who has never had this kind of experience--i met quite a few these chinese girls,met a foreigner, felt curious and then bacame a girl friend,but,in a short time the curiosity went and what they did is just to leave their guys  who seemed to me were fooled.

3).as i know you r a open mind gentleman who has a lot good opinions(in fact, i downloaded  some of your posts and showed them to my friends because i thought they were good),would you please present your evidences to debate instead of  just say i had dirty,filthy minds? i would not like to accept that it is your way.

BTW,i have a very good american friend and i  tried to introduce a good chinese girl to him simply because he is a good guy.

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internet communication just begins the future

Dear Beijing girl,  The future holds  the end for Nationalism, racial differences, and beliefs based on these. Xenophobia may remain among the timid----and the mentally ill for awhile--but medications are rapidly improving things for the paranoid.  You have my total support and I almost always like what blue tiger says.  tiffin

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a little rude

if u feel your english is good enough ,please don't use the word "relationship".common people consider your wishing think as a rubbish.

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take it if you can

Hi !!
I have been reading your words. I think you are a clever woman - and you should do what you want to do. Don´t care about small people around you.
One thing you must remember - never forget your roots - rich or poor!!

kind regards
sambasa - DK

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A foreign bf is more passional and brave than Chinese guys,but I still love guys

When I was a teenager,I hope one day I could be a wife and my hunsband is  from America.But now I've changed my mind. Cuz we have different views of life and love.They are tall ,strong,optimistic,simple,but they maybe don't know how to give full love to a Chinese girl. We need understanding not sex and passion only.

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What do you mean?

"We need understanding not sex and passion only."

This is precisely the reason why many Chinese girls want to marry American men. Also, we are far from simple--very far from that.

Of course, there is no one kind of man, but there are many very kind hearted, loving, FAITHFUL, American men. Furthermore, American men have had many more years of truly treating women with equality and great respect.

In America, there are many women who hold positions of great power and influence, in both government and corporations. In America, there are many very wealthy women. Where is all of that in China?

I have traveled extensively over the years, in China, and I have seen male-female relationships and families in every region of China and in nearly every ethnic group. But, have you traveled in America to see the way things really are here?

Also, which Americans do you speak of? Do you include those who are born of from several generations of Chinese-American citizens?

In America, Chinese-American husbands generally treat women far better than those in China.

Yes, there are very wonderful Chinese husbands, but there are many more who do not treat their wives as equals.

In China, there are many university girls who are much more intelligent and capable than men--yet, they are pushed downward!!!

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"We need understanding not sex and passion only."

This is the precise reason that many university educated girls in China want American husbands! American husbands give their wives much more than just sex and housework!!!

Chinese girls KNOW that by marrying an educated American guy, she will not have a life of being a house slave for a guy. She knows that an American husband won't push her down and keep her from a happy, sucessful career of her own. She knows that a good American husband will encourage her in life!

Also, "passion" has a far more complex meaning than that which is related to sex. Passion is also having a great energy and enthusiasm for all aspects of life, such as learning and career development. Passion is also what great artists and musicians feel for what they do. It is with passion that both men and women excell beyond the ordinary in what they do and in the way they live.

It is that passion--along with the American man's great understanding--that strongly attracts Chinese girls. And, there are many Americans of Chinese heritage. America is multi-racial, multi-cultural--unlike China.

In America, there are many women with great power and wealth. They are not pushed downward! In America, there are MANY women in high political and corporate leadership positions...and in all endeavors!

Many American states ("states" is the same as what you call "provinces") have had female governors, which is the highest state leadership position. How many of China's provinces have or have had women in such a position of authority?

Now, the state where I live, has had a female governor in the past. Now, it has a governor who is Chinese-American!!!

Asian men have so very, very much to learn about how to treat a woman with equality!

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