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beijing girl looking for a foreign boyfriend [Copy link] 中文

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keYi jianMian

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Lisabj, you sound nice with respectable goals.  Do what your heart says.  Don't ever feel guilty about wanting a better life for yourself.  Anyone who says money is the root of all evil just doesn't have any of it.  I've worked since I was 13 yrs. old and no poor person has ever hired me.  I've worked for lots of rich people though and made them richer, but also made myself richer too.  People who take risks and start businesses deserve the money they make and should pay themselves first.  If you don't want to be a poor factory worker, try starting a business.  Chances are you'll be even poorer or even bankrupt.  But you may get rich too.  If you don't hire anyone to work for you, jobs will not be created and poor people will remain poor.  Become successful and you're one less poor person the others have to support.  My first job after college paid me $17k a year and Washington DC is not a cheap place to live at all.  Now I make good money, own a house, a fast German car and have a very good life.  But I earned it and worked my way up the economic ladder.  The poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  My Chinese girlfriend is far richer than me, by the way.

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understanding and love--thats all that matters

it's not a chinese saying BTW

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oh,another evidence that shows chinese girls are naive

read my post here:

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slimdog and bigsky

You should feel shame for what you are saying. You reveal, not only your personal fear and insecurity, but the two of you show your racism and complete disrespect for Chinese girls who are obviously more intelligent and adventurous than the two of you.

Also, just who gave either of you the right to tell others what they should or should not do?

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You should read slimdog's post in that other place. It proves that he has NO respect for Chinese girls; plus, it shows that he has such a filthy, dirty mind!!!

lisabj, you should do what YOU want to do! :-)

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This is [Friendship, Love, Relationships] forum right?

What is wrong with someone coming here looking for a boyfriend? What's wrong with wanting a foreign boyfriend? How about wanting a foreign girlfriend?

Relationship between two different cultures is just as beautiful as any other relationships if there is love and respect.

Relationship with someone from the same culture or nationality will NOT work if love and respect is not there. And who wants to be in a relationship that is without love and respect anyway? Unless you are after greed or something else!

Those who constantly look for reasons to discredit interracial relationship are the ones who can never get into one even if they try. They do not believe in the love of others, and not to mention the love of themselves. They need love more than we do.

For those who are looking for (foreign) boyfriends of girlfriends for the wrong reasons, hope you learn from experience and not repeat the same mistakes again and again.

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