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beijing girl looking for a foreign boyfriend [Copy link] 中文

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Thank you for your support!

Hi, millimon
I go along with your opinions, they're very wise. You're a good example of the polite and learned westerners.
There're warm-hearted yet cold-blooded people all over the world, so we can't simply categorise a certain group of people as good or bad. The world is becoming a community and we all share some of the human characters.
I also wish the best luck with your life!

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You are such a dreamer. The west is not all the same, and there is still all of Asia, other than China, carries Eastern influence.

Throughout China's history, those with wealth and power have ALWAYS preyed on the weak and poor.

In China, nowadays, there are Chinese who are extremely wealthy who drive expensive western cars, such as Rolls Royces with money that comes from exploiting the poor workers.

With the constant influx of western companies, and with the growth of new Chinese capitalists, China will have more and more wealthy people, who will be diseased by greed and will exploit the people of China. And, eventually, they will send China's jobs to Africa where labor will be cheaper!

There is only human nature and the resulting greed. The people of China are no more pure and immune to it than any other people.

In China, a person with a university degree, expects much more wages while sitting in a comfortable executive office than the person who works very hard for very little money in a factory or on a farm.

A university graduate would NEVER marry an uneducated farmer. So much for the communist myth of equality.

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i do agree with you

hi,i live in beijing also and my husband is from America.we just got is wonderful .....

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i'm a changchun boy who's very interested in interracial relationships. i've always been dreaming of marrying someone fr US or Europe. i'm very fluent in english and have great interest for western culture. i want a real relationship not just on the internet. any foreign girl  who's coming to china or just dreaming of having a chinese bf may contact me at

how is it?

indeed i like any good girl ,no matter what nationalities they have.i can marry a black girl from africa who is poor but kind, can you?

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your post leaves me an impression that you are very curious about  cross- culture relationship,how long will your curiosity last?
wise mature westerners will not like you.
you are fit for playboy's taste.

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Chinkees- Chinese-Yankees

There is a word we use for your type: Sell-out, Bananas, White-Wannabes, Maids.

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whatever you say

There's a chinese saying that you should go your way no matter what other people say. This is my life and now i'm just taking chance to realize my dream. What if I never tried till death and regret? one should be a little adventurous sometimes, have you ever heard of the idiom that nothing venture nothing gain? I'm sure you have. Don't you agree with me on this point? you think you're all maturer than me? How can you put some rude address or incorrect judgements on me when you don't know me at all?! I'm not looking for playboys nor am I a fliratatious girl. Actually I've never had a boyfriend till now coz' I've put too much time on my studies. You should ask yourself how many girlfriends have you changed before you air any of your opinions! If I find the right person i'll feel lucky, if not, it's also ok.
I restate here, this is my life, I'm living it and there gonna be no regret!

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