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The Britons have to do some soul-searching. Why 4 Pakistani-Britons bombed the " [Copy link] 中文

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1.The bombing was planned years ago. At least 2 years minimal of planning.

2. The young men are middle-class Pakistani-Britons borned and raised in northern London and their families own stores and the suicide bombers even attended British universities.

3. The bombs are military grade and is manufactured by bomb expert and the material is also of military grade.

4. Clearly, the suicide bombers are just used as HUMAN BOMBS to carry out the attack.

The question is why ?

It is because Tong Blair strategic alliance with George Bush to gun down innocent Iraqi Muslims for no reasons at check point.

My friend's relatives were gunned down in Barsa, Iraq in 2003 with parents and 9 children all got killed by the British troops.

The reason is because they did not understand English and the sign to stop at check-point and kept driving and the British troops cared less and gunned down children from 16 years old to 2 years old, 9 of them !!!

I want to ask Urbexer why the British trooops do not learn Arabic language and communicate with the Iraqi people instead open fire to kill my friend's relatives, 11 of them.

This is my personal story and I want to tell the world the British killed thousands and thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians including women, children, newborn and toddlers.

So you bloody bastard Britons, Urbexer, do some soul-searching.

What comes around, goes around.

You bloody britons kill the Iraqi, the Muslims will in turn kill you Britons too !

We, Chinese, are peaceful people. We do not believe in violence and murder and turture. We are civilized people and we don't kill women !

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Please be rational

Anyway, terrorism is forbidden and to blame. Because many innocent people died without knowing why. The ture criminals are still alive. The human bombers should attack Bush and Blair.
It is revenge. If someone was killed, his son should kill the murderer.

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dear_charles - you claim you are peaceful and do not belivee in murder, violence or torture... yet in the same post you condone what happened, you say it is deserved... an eye for an eye!

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and this from someone in the USa

We, Chinese, are peaceful people. We do not believe in violence and murder and turture. We are civilized people and we don't kill women !


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who is  * Tong Blair * ?  is it someone famous?

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Go to Haw Par Villa & see how the chinese treat each other

10 courts of Hell
1st court – preliminary trials
People with virtuous conduct would be led over the ‘Golden bridge’ to paradise. Good deeds that outweigh crimes committed would be sent to the ‘Silver Bridge’ to reach paradise. Evil deeds sent to repent before ‘Mirror of Retribution’ then taken to hell.

2nd court –Yama: King Chu Jiang            
crime inflicts physical injury - thrown into volcanic heap. Conman and robbers. Corruption, stealing and gambling – frozen into blocks of ice. Prostitutes - thrown into pool of blood and drown.

3rd court – Yama: King Song Di
Ungratefulness, disrespect to elders, escape from prison – heart would be cut out. Drug addicts and traffickers, tomb robbers, urging people to commit crime and social unrest – tied to hot copper pillar and grilled.

4th court – Yama: King Wuguang
Tax dodger, refusal to pay rent, business fraud –pounded by stone mallet. Disobedience to one’s siblings, lack of filial piety – grounded by large stone.

5th court – Yama: King Yanluo
plotted another’s death for his property or money, money lenders with exorbitant interest rates – thrown onto a hill of knives.

6th court – Yama: King Piench Eng
cheating, cursing, abducting others –thrown onto trees of knives wasting food, misuse of books, possession of porn materials, breaking written rules and regulations – body sawn into two.

7th court – Yama King Tai shan
rumour mongers, sowing discord among family members – tongue pulled out
rapist, driving someone to death – thrown into wok of boiling oil

8th court – Yama: King Dushi
lack of filial obedience, causing trouble for parents or family members –intestines and organs pulled out
harming others to benefit oneself – body dismembered

9th court – Yama: King Pingdeng
robbery murder, rape – head and arms chopped off
any other unlawful conduct neglect of old and young – crushed under boulders

10th court – Yama: King Zhuanlon
wheel of reincarnation. After serving sentences, arrive at this court. Pass final judgment. Prisoners brought to ‘Pavilion of Forgetfulness’ where Meng Po hands them cup of magic tea to forget their past life. Brought to the wheel, depending on prisoner’s pastlife, reincarnated as human or animal.

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Reply: and this from someone in the USa

He is still Chinese.  黑眼睛黑头发黄皮肤,永永远远是龙的传人

Good post, charles!

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