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We send our condolences to the British in London for their loss this morning due [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: Liangzai

Hi Liangzai,

how would you feel, if you are wake up by  phone call in the morning, informing you that your parent  or a close friend or your girlfriend or your wife or your children has been killed by a terrorist attack perpetrated by a terrorist group( lets say a Japanese radical group that has just emerge from nowhere).  The bomb was planted in a bus or the MTR here killing hundreds of lives.

if you think that China is safe from this attack, you are wrong.  Just imagine that in 2008, the whole world attention will be at the Olympic game and Al Quaeda want to carry out an attack just to punish the whole world and put a bomb in the stadium.  Do you think only the foreigners will die? Do you think the terrorist care that you are Chinese, Japanese, French, British, Black, White, Yellow etc.....he just want revenge and ounish those that are against them.............

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Re: Liangzai

That's not how al-Qaeda works. They specifically target their enemy nations: the US, Great Britain, Spain, Denmark (next victim), Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Japan, all those nations who sided with Bush in the war.

There will be no al-Qaeda bombs in Finland, Germany, France, Holland or Sweden.

For the same reason, there will be no al-Qaeda bombs in China.

The Olympic Games in Beijing only face internal interruptions by Galun Fong and other organizations wanting attention. That could at most lead to riots and minor clashes, nothing as serious as a terror act.

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wouldnt terrorist attacks during olympics make ppl hate them even more

its not a good idea because its not related to wars its only sport and with so many ppl from different countries if terrorists have the guts to interfere i bet everyone in the world will hate them including those countries who does not help america or britain terrorists are prob really stupid if they want normal ppl to hate them as well thats just bad i hope this doesnt happen in 2008 or else we are doomed so lucky athens games was peaceful

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good god

When are people going to stop blaming civilized countries for "bringing this on ourselves" and realize that Islamic fundamentalists simply hate us and want us all dead?

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United we stand

Why can't people come together as a whole??? Seems that everyone wants to blame everyone...... how sad is this?????? it shouldn't matter where you come from or who you are, "united we stand" Give up the petty BS and lets all do this together. If it's not your country it will be another country but it may be your country and then how would you feel?????

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