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Why commercial advertising in China is full of faces of foreigners? [Copy link] 中文

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Forget about wafflebreath, gentlemen.

We can see that he's not well. He needs help.

Well said by Canchin. What sells, sells.

In fact, most sane people do not distinguish racial feature in an ad. Advertisement that is interesting, funny and meaningful is attractive.

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canchin...another excellent post...

...but I have to disagree just a bit.

YES, whatever sells is what any clever advertiser will use (within moral constraints), and this is no different.

But I believe the question begs to be answered, why do the "white" foreign faces sell?  Not only that, but why the obsession with having milky-white skin?  (Michael Jackson comes to mind.)

Most (white) Americans feel that MJ does in fact 'hate' his own race.  I'm saddened to think that the Chinese love of white is a similar reflection.  

Yes, we all love things from other cultures...things outside of our daily existence, but pursuing those things, well, that's exactly right, those are just 'things'.  In this case, the people aren't buying the "things", they're buying the whiteness...if it wasn't so, why not just use a Chinese person in the ad?

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Then let's compare shall we?

Why do they use attractive, slim, well built young people in ads say on American and Canadian and European TV when 60% of the population in America are obese, 40% in Canada and approaching 30% in developed European countries (although having to travel often to Europe I have to say it seems closer to the American figure in some countries) according to government figures?

Why, since skin cancer is essentially a "growth industry" in places like Australia, and the East and West Coast states of America, do they use well-tanned young people in advertisements in all of those places?

Advertising has nothing to do with reality - it is all about money, con and more money.

Why do you think you see so many fat-assed white women in North America wearing stretch pants or mid-riff exposing shirts and tight blue jeans? Because they believed the ads that told them their fat ass would look good in stretch pants and nobody would notice the rolls of fat hanging out between the bottom of their shirt and the tops of their blue jeans. Mind you, none of them have ever seen how terrible their fat asses do look in stretch pants, and they never watch from behind as they waddle and juggle and sway down the street like drunken water-buffalo. It is just the success of the advertising firm making the ads and the stupidity of those convinced they are worthless unless they try to emulate the impossible dream-image.

Ever seen a pimply-faced teenager gulping down a can of chemically-laced sugar water in a red and white can? No, and you wont either. Instead you see a teenager with the skin of a baby filling their gullet with poison.

How about an obese kid waddling into a MacRonalds with his or her equally obese parents? Not a chance.

Victoria Secret ads showing a 200-pounder modelling a "thong?" Not on your life, but they sure sell a lot.

As for the fascination with white in China, that's been around for over 2,000 years. The generation that made it into a cultural focus could probably be identified as the Tang Dynasty which can be seen from artwork and even period piece movies and TV serials. It is also from where the japanese culture developed their fascination with pasty-white faces on prostitutes, along with clothing styles and most other aspects of early japanese culture.

Nowadays though, just like in all of the other countries mentioned where the advertiser cons the victim - I mean consumer - into believing that if they just take this pill, get a bit more tanned, by that sexy-looking outfit etc., they, too, will miraculously become a svelte, desireable and superior specimen of the species. The companies that make the advertising here and and throughout Asia, prey on the victims - I mean consumers - and that is why just the cosmetic industry in China is estimated at many Billions of USD - although that of course is not mentioned in any discussion of "balance of trade" but that's for another thread.

But so what anyway? So advertisers in China prey on young women victims - I mean consumers - by titillating them through showing - as everywhere - nubile young women (of course being played in the commercial by an unblemished 16-year-old with extra white light shining on her face) getting the wealthy man and riding off into the sunset in Mercedes S600 or a Bentley?

So in countries where the light-brown skin of a tanned supermodel with flowing blonde hair is deemed - mainly by the male of the species in those countries - the advertisers prey on their victims - I mean consumers - with images of the mousy, homely, white-skinned, dark-haired "no date for the prom" and her sad, drawn out face pulling on the split ends of her scraggly hair and her "just-over-knees-from-last-year's-collection" clothing, being contrasted with the hip, tanned, artifically sparkling white smile, long-legged and brand-name mini-skirt wearing, laughing and on the arms of two virile young men, 14-year-old with the body of a 21-year-old...with the shampoo bottle of the advertiser oddly enough sticking out of her Gucci purse just enough to be seen and so the dream is associated with all the wonderment of that particular shampoo's magical powers.

Dark wants to be light - light wants to be dark. A conundrum? No, a normality, unfortunately.

Men are perhaps a big part of the problem in both situations as it is the stupidity of the men and their falling all over themselves for the artificial non-existing in preference to the reality that is a big impetus to the advertisers.

Sort of like MacRonalds and other purveryors of poison to children that use commercials directed at children with the understanding that the children will of course whine to their idiotic parental units to spend the family's money on poison if the kid cries long enough and hard enough. After all, just have to have those littel plastic toys!

Men show women that what men want is the young, - white-faced in some cultures, tan-skinned in others - long-legged and/or buxom child rather than what is natural and young girls unfortunately, in the naivete of youth, get the impression that all men are stupid (well, as far as some things go, we pretty much are and "sex" is one of those things) and so the naive young girl blows, in concert with her peers, billions of dollars to try and become artifically appealing.

Since they - these naive young girls trying to find their own "prince charming" (yes, that fairy-tale exists in China as well) think the only way they can attract a man is by copying the pre-pubescent girls on TV, it is not surprising at all this vicious circle of one breeding the other - which came first, the idea that a young girl has to be (white or brown) to attract a mate and live happily ever after or the product that can burn the natural pigment out of the skin or add pigment in copious amounts?

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This could actually segue into another topic point.

There is rapidly approaching in China a problem that could quite easily see the end of the phenomena of young girls with pasty and rather unattractive (to me) white faces and naturally colored necks and shoulders (they don't seem to realize that their "real" color still shows through on the neck, the ears, the arms, the hands etc.); and although I hesitate to provide ammunition to those that will of course use it as something to criticize the China government for, I am sure, here it is:

What can be called the "natural" balance of men and women in a stable, productive and self-sustaining society is 106 men to 100 women. This means though that competition is tough on both sides. Now though, that natural balance in China is really out of whack and in the national average is already 116 to 100 and in some areas as high as 130 to 100.

By the time the national average reaches over 130 to 100 the women will have the upper hand. It will be the women who decide because they will be able to pick and choose and will not have to just "settle" and as it will be the women who - as is already steadily developing in China - have the money and the power, it will be the men that will have to cater to the whims of the women. Then, the "complaint" - from those with such a bent - will be against whatever it is the women of China decide is their collective desirable "prince charming" and the ads will begin to speak-down to the males of the population with promises of perhaps increased facial hair, light skin, well-oiled muscles, tall, and of course also sparkling white teeth. That leaves out about 120 of those 130 men and the advertisers and the companies will continue to have a field day conning their victims - I mean consumers - only this time it will be the men.

So, in a couple of years there will no doubt be criticism of the number of bearded, mongolians and\or North East China natives on TV with nary a short, dark-skinned, hairless; southern, south western, eastern or western China native male to be seen.

Wonder if the fur will fly then?

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canchin...thanks for making my point!

The advertising is EXACTLY as  you mentioned because the mass market (the target audience) WANTS to be like those in the ads.  You said it better than I ever could have.

However, that is EXACTLY my point.  That Chinese WANT to be white - or at least the advertisers are pretty convinced of that.  Otherwise, why not use a Chinese family to sell that new _______(insert product here).

All in all, I think this is very sad, and having lived in both cultures, I know that both of them have many wonderful things (and not so wonderful things) to offer.

NOTE: When I say "white" here, I am NOT referring to the face whitening creams - that is a whole separate issue as canchin said.

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Or you could wait 30 years ...

Till all adds feature tall chiseled Afro-Asians with beautifully high cheek bones and gloriously bronzed skin. The time will come my friends...
The world goes round and round...

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