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How does an American guy date a Chinese woman? [Copy link] 中文

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I am a 22 male from America and I have been trying to find literature on understanding the contemporary Chinese woman mind.

Also I am interested in understanding Chinese cultural in general from the point of view of a native born in China.

I am into women who have a global look on life, who are interested in Science , are not fooled by tradition, but have enough sense to appreciate the beauty of classical culture, who like electronic music, who read postmodern literature, also not fooled by existentialist dogma,

Actually there is a lot I could say...

People would tend to tell me that women from Hong Kong would have similar interests to mine.

I find Hong Kong fascinating, however it has a kind of elitist edge to it that reminds me of Manhattan which in some aspects that remind me of Manhattan (the Urban surroundings, the global culture etc) I find very appealing yet it still kind of reminds me of some kind of Financial center and not so much as a industrial science complex like some other cities.
Well it does have a large entertainment industry and a shipping port that rivals any port in the world.It just seems to much of a consumerist kind of city.

Shanghai and Shenyang look more interesting to me...

Or maybe I don't know what I am talking about help me out of my confusion.

I guess this forum has a lot of requests like mine.
I am sorry if I come off as cliched, but I could not resist the temptation to ask the question.

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Why Shenyang and Shanghai?

Beijing is your best bet if you're looking for a China cultural experience.

I think you'll have your work cut out finding a young chinese girl who shares your interests.  Most young chinese peoples interests consist of shopping, counter strike and QQ.  The times they are a changing, but I'm sure it's possible to meet the kind of girl you seek.  Perhaps if you came to Beijing, studied at Tsinghua or one of the other top universities you could hook up with some students of that ilk.

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i don't know why do u want to just reccognize girl whom from shenyang and

i agreed on ilunga, that's right what she said .Maybe u can find the girl whom u i r ntetesting by msn ,QQ,e-mail and so on ,because in my viewpiont i that chinese girl are more  basful than other contries.
good luck!

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please bring some money

Man ,
never forget to bring one hundred dallors in your pockets ;
never forget to shave your long beard before go dating.
never run away if you don't love a girl any more.
never pay for  nothing after finishing having a s*x with a girl ,even she is ugly.
never wear unwashed or tore trousers in front of women.
never ruin yourself by dating with a woman who is the wife of a millionaire.


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Re: How does an American guy date a Chinese woman?

Fuck, this is the worst bullshit I've ever read. You are trying your very best posing as an intellectual geek, but all in all you are just another goddamn laowai seeking Chinese pussy. Nothing wrong with that, but at least try being honest.

Did you really think literature on the "contemporary Chinese woman's mind" existed? And what bonehaed would read such nonsense? What makes you think Chinese women are so much different from other women? Chinese women are women first and foremost, their minds are not very dissimilar from any other women's.

And given that the Chinese culture is very strong, how on earth do you even remotely expect finding a girl with the qualifications you describe, let alone that those really don't matter in the end?

Cut the crap and go out for a night, trying finding real Chinese women with real flesh and blood. They will not buy your quasi-intellectual drivel, so I suggest that you be yourself and don't try to make yourself into something that you are not. And don't fucking push that "ohmygod i'm an american" shit too much, people will just get annoyed.

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how does an american guy date a chinese woman?

what kind of american guy? chinese american? english american? german american? hyspanic? blk american? viet american?~~bla bla bla and so on.

what kind of chinese woman you plan to date? from small valley? from village? from small town? from big town? from big city?.......rural girl in big city? suburban girl in big city? urban girl in big city? uptown!......i personally think girls from different areas are different views of point towards life.........such as an utah girl think different from an nyc girl.

how does to do it?  simple answer, one sentence : try it yourself, expereience it. and you will realize that dating different girls need different tips

wa ha ha, wa ha ha

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hey liangzai

well said

i was in a good mood this morning, hence the nice post

now i'm not in such a good mood i see this thread for the crock of shit that it is.  agree only an american could write like that.

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