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A brief glance at interracial marriage in America !! Another angle looking at th [Copy link] 中文

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Another Saturday night, I took my girlfriend out for the same Chinese restaurant to eat. It was busy for take-out but quite quiet by 9 p.m.

We were always sat at the quiet corner while waiting for the food. I would read the newspaper, and my gf would go through 4-6 fashion magazines.

Tonight we found an unusual couples with 2 children.

The "white" man was sitting in the front of the counter waiting for a large order of  Chinese take-out. He is probably 6'2" , 280 lbs, grey hairs with mustaches. He was quite demanding and said, "while I am waiting, get me a beer". He also ordered his Asian adopted child a 7-UP.

Siiting across from him was probably his wife, a dark-skinned Asian woman with her two children, 4 and 6 years old. The boy jumped on to the lap of the "white" man and he was eagle to teach the boy English and the young 6 year-old girl called the "white" man daddy.

The dark-skinned Asian woman is size 2, weighs 90 lbs and wear a low-cut jean with a sparkling star "SEXY" at her buttock of her jean.

She looks fine and has big eyes. I don't know if she is Filippino or other races but obviously they are couples and he is in his 60's and she is around late 28 year-old.

I personally  have absolutely no problems with interracial marriage despite age difference and she has two children.

Rather I think it would be so nice for the two kids to grow up in a warm and nice big house with good education and learn to speak perfect English at home.

Is the mother doing anything wrong? No, She just married a 60 year-old , 280 lb white man , hot-tempered, but do enjoy the children.

If he can't find any American girls, so what to go to Asia to marry one and then bring them  home with 2 kids.


And I wish Forii marry a white guy and move away forever from this Forum and go to America and have as many children as Fiorii wants.

So she will be so busy  with 3 or 4 kids and will not attack anyone in this Forum.

I have no problems with interracial marriage but I do hope this goes both way that Chinese men can also offer an opportunity to marry white girls too in America. The time is coming sooner than you think--in one generation !!!

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its always been a great pleasure to read your work of art, courage courage coura

to recognize your trade marks in the sentences, grammar and spellings is just being entertained

i have to thank you for it dr

about yours and cogito's lover, f, IMO, i think your wish may come true in the parts that she would marry a foreign man, move away geographically, and have plenty of kids to keep her busy

but moving away does not mean she will never come back to this forum, so wish you lots of luck in this part of your wishes

while waiting for the foods you and your gf simply read materials of your separate interests makes you2 look more like...husband and wife, no, you2 dont seem like 2lovebirds if you know what i am saying

so be honest and tell us you, charles, is a married man, at least let your lover, f, know

honesty !!!

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the fat white man and the petite Asian woman

I can understand why it is tempting to judge people from their appearances, and I do it all the time, inspite of myself.  But people are people, and there is really no explaining attractions or relationships.

Sometimes the most incongruous people are together, apparently happily.  

Who cares. as long as they find something redeeming in their relationship, even if it would be nice if every couple looked like (the young) Elizabeth Taylor and Cary Grant.

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