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C - E 打油诗 [Copy link] 中文

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aren't a gentleman and a lady?

有钱爷爷,stealing people' wealth is a public servant
下岗孙子,selling blood to feed families will be hundreds of peasants
男女娼妓,without an earthly morality, aliens aren't
道德败坏。a gentleman and a lady?

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Tips on translation



现三译打油诗, 最后一段由C小调跑到了C大调,再高不行了。nelyda 的 译文不错,可本人水平有限,难定调。

亚洲睡狮,sleeping lion is in Asia
东方巨龙,formidable dragon is in east
龙腾狮吼,lion roars, dragon soars
震惊四海。the world is astounded

国门大开,our nation’s door is opened
天翻地覆,each corner of the world upsets,
风流人物,celebrated people is counted
还看今朝。Just in this era.

万国彩旗,national flags of all countries
迎风招展,flaunt windward
外语外资,foreign languages and foreign capital
涌入中华。Swarm into China

中西交流,exchange projects between east and west
和衷共济,are with win-win strategy, however
事与愿违,things go contrary to original wishes
荒诞不经。Being ridiculous enough.

国人高叫,Chinese shout out,
哈罗拜拜,hello and good bye
洋装洋话,alien costume and alien words
吃香吃香。Are hot, very hot.

狗屁东西,garbage and shit
也要英译,are translated into English
猪鼻插葱,like inserting onion into pig’s nose
不伦不类。It’s hard to be classified

有钱爷爷,the rich is called grandpa
下岗孙子,the layoff is called grandson
男女娼妓,whores and her masters
道德败坏  are with decadent morals

腐败成风,fashioned corruption  
根深蒂固,is deep rooted
国人出国,officials go abroad
赌场妓院。Just gambling and porning

如此开放,though such the open-oriented
令人担忧,is uneasy about
红色江山,the picturesque land
怎能万年。must be in eternity.

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Thanks for all of your contributions and here comes my try.......

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my humble one, for fun, ^_*

亚洲睡狮,once a lion in Asia sleeping
东方巨龙,just like a celestial dragon in orient hiding
龙腾狮吼,Once the awaken lion is roaring and the dragon soaring
震惊四海。the whole world is shaking

国门大开,widely our door opens
天翻地覆,box-up the whole nation becomes
风流人物,truly great man feels
还看今朝。It is time to have a play nowadays

万国彩旗,national flags of all countries flaunt everwhere
迎风招展,like dancer’s colourful skirt girdles flare
外语外资,hello and dollar
涌入中华。commonly heard and seen in China

中西交流,exchange is our original intention
和衷共济,work together with one heart is our expection
事与愿违,but against our wishes
荒诞不经。It turns to be a Chemara, a new edition

国人高叫,countrymen use hello for greeting
哈罗拜拜,bye-bye for leaving
洋装洋话,Those who can speak such kind of bird language
吃香吃香。Were considered to be superior, laughing!

狗屁东西,a heap of dog’s droppings
也要英译,how can it deserve our hard working
猪鼻插葱,take westernization for modernization
不伦不类。Problem rests on your attemption

有钱爷爷,toff is the master forever
下岗孙子,laid-off can not compare with the servitor even
男女娼妓,men and women are degenerating
道德败坏。Morality were thrown into wastebin

腐败成风,corruption wind blows all over the nation
根深地固,so deepy rooted that hard to root up
国人出国,get away from your homeland
赌场妓院。just for gambling-den and bagnio

如此开放,type of such open
令人担忧,rise our uneasy worry
红色江山,this is our beautiful and beloved homeland
怎能万年。no one allowed to assimilate it

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all of your translation are very.

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