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Micheal Jackson found innocent of 10 charges of child molestation charges ! [Copy link] 中文

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Yo selrahc!!!

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You once again prove how excellent your English is! That goes especially for reading comprehension!!
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punisher, you know

the doc. is crazy. the most obvious symptom of mentally challenged people is that they can't get their numbers straight.  

Another case is xiaoliza, he can't do number counting work when the number is over 10 when  his fingers are all used up and his toes are just not as flexible as being helpful in number counting.

you have to forgive them.

have a nice day!


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Yeah, fiorii!!

OK, he shall be forgiven! After all it's not his fault that he doesn't have the brains to do even simple math. You gotta admit though, 4 zeros and 5 zeros look almost the SAME!! Or 6, 7, 8 zeros! Who cares! And the numbers 6 and 8?? They both look kinda round, don't they? Is the meaning different? Well, who cares?? What's the big difference? Hahaha!
And by the way, doc ol' boy!! What does my ex and me have to do with MICHAEL JACKSON???? Gee!!! Don't forget to take your medicine today, doc! Who knows, it might actually help some!

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punisher2005, Fiorii must be your girlfriend now, go ahead, give her 60,000RMB

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fioriiliza, how's your sex life, I can fulfil your fantasy and your physical nee

Just four men and one of them was your business partner,

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going crazy again charles?

was it because I scraped your scar that you can't get your numbers straight?

Was that the reason you got kicked out from both harvard medical school and John Hopkins decades ago and you still haven't got over it?

And that finally got you into the military camp where you were desexed and became THE cumdumpster!   and ever since you became sleepp deprived!

I'm terribly sorry that I mentioned it again!

hahaha,  get some sleep charles!


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Ms. Demi618, Thank for for your contribution, I really appreciate !

Let me dissect this legal case in more details

1. One of the most important legal system in the West is using so-called jurors. In this case, all the jurors are actually white in San Barbara County except one black college student who was an alternate juror which finally became the only black juor.

2. The jurors decided to look at this case just another sexual assault case. Nothing else. No celebrity status given to Michael Jackson or anyone.

3. Can money buy justice? Absolutely, money can buy the best lawyers and information and will alter the outcome of any legal case.

4. The critical turning point of the case is not whether Michael Jackson molested the child but the persecutor of San Barbara County placed the accused's mother on the witness stand and snapped her finger and showed contempt against the jurors and did not understand the legal consequence of the case.

5. Always try to answer the questions and remain calm and stay away from too much body language.

6. This legal case is not about other children but one cancer stricken child which fabricated the story and lost.

7. Children are manipulated by greedy mothers like Fioriiliza AKA Fiorietta Shanghaila slut AKA Public toilet F, so stay away from children and sluts like Fiorii, then you will be fine.


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