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Why do you want to take the "Great leap Backwards"?

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Is this what you want to go back too?

"In 1958, Mao broke with the Soviet model and announced a new economic program, the "Great Leap Forward," aimed at rapidly raising industrial and agricultural production. Giant cooperatives (communes) were formed, and "backyard factories" dotted the Chinese landscape. The results were disastrous. Normal market mechanisms were disrupted, agricultural production fell behind, and China's people exhausted themselves producing what turned out to be shoddy, unsalable goods. Within a year, starvation appeared even in fertile agricultural areas. From 1960 to 1961, the combination of poor planning during the Great Leap Forward and bad weather resulted in one of the deadliest famines in human history.  "

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The Chinese nation is great

No nation on earth is perfect or ever perfect once.

The Chinese nation is gaining strength, power and influence. This is great.
China's infrastructure is being developed from ground zero in 1949. That's fantastic.

Society has its inequalities.  Ask the English teachers who flock to China, why are they here and why do they flee their own land. The answer is clear, in their home land there are things they don't like, things not equal, not fair, disappointing.  Therefore, they seek a new experience in a foreign land. LOL

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I cannot believe it, Mr. Swine is actually jealous of a poorer country????????

This is really unbelieveable, Mr. Swine is actually jealous of a poorer country.....geeeze, this is really amazing nutty. Anyway, you can keep on rumbling lar, this is China Daily, it is in English....only the Bananas reads it...ha ha ha ha ha

Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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Green Lizard

Do you agree with SWWINDS thoughts or do you think being a capitialist is good?

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Where to?

I think Sswinds can put that posting to music !  it will sell well!

You know all the other developing and developed countries in the world, we all complain of the same things!!

the middle class, average families who just want to live a normal life and go to school and work in peace  all feel the same way.

The large corporations come to China, so thats the only side you see maybe...just the capitaist animal come to feed..

Poets and writers in our countries are fond of the past and talk of the good old days before computer checkouts and pizza delivery

But even poets in the 15th century in Europe complained about modernisation!

Thats why some leave their own countries, some want to see  a society which hasnt reached the over capitalised stage yet. Some dream of an ancient china they found in books. some are just horny

So where to from here my friend?? where should we go ?
shall we knock everything down and start from mud and sticks? because this is the result of the dream your ancestors , this is the modernisation of China

The same questions and problems face every nation...we can only press forward but just apply more wisdom to our progress

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