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muzeseeker: The Chinese Pirate DVDs [Copy link] 中文

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Flotsam, two Chinese people were also charged in the case involving the Americans.

Why are you not mentioning this in your posts? Is it because....

1) You are not as familiar with the case as you like to pretend?


2) You have an agenda unrelated to the case which takes precedence over the truth of the matter?

Or is there a third option I am overlooking?

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Me Harties . . .

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Shiver me timbers....

Well done, Flotsam. You admitted that the Americans didn't act alone, but had Chinese accomplices. I believe this is the first time you have admitted so, after numerous posts on the subject. Good for you!

No, I'm no expert on the case, but I would like to see you representing the details correctly. You insult the intelligence of the readership when you fail to do so.

Now, can you tell me who described the case as one of the ten worst  this year?

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Why do dogs lick their balls??   Because they Can!

I respect the pirates in china because ;

A)theyve got mighty balls of courage to do it so blatantly
B) they provide me with endless entertainment and software

thanks guys!

If a US or UK or any company can do will!   because it can!

If I could do it ..I wouldnt .....coz Im too scared of getting caught!

Ethics are for the good guys doesnt apply to business...come on dont kid yourself, the evidence shows otherwise!

This is true free market economics working in both directions..isnt it fun!

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Aaarh Jim Lad!

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That's a bit fishy...

You're throwing out a red herring by referencing Napster and Kazaa, Flotsam, and I won't take the bait.

There are numerous "pirate" sites in China where folk can download the latest music or movie releases. Even if they are not using filesharing software like Napster or Kazaa, the principle is still the same i.e. copyright is still being violated.

My original concern with your comments was that you seemed to be implying that foreigners were solely, or at least predominantly, responsible for copyright piracy in China. Can I ask, is this indeed your position? If so, can you explain why you say this?

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