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When is the "Chinese Memorial Day"? [Copy link] 中文

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iluv2fish You feel trivial US history?

Only you could discard of a statue from our history books.

I was only looking up events for Memorial Day and couldn't pass up a story about our veteterans.

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Both Hedan and luf made good points

I cannot agree more with Hedan. Not only those veterans or fallen heroes deserve our memory, but also  every grandfather and grandmother died for years and everyone who died for every reason deserve their beloved memories.

Half a month ago, one of my old friends died of accident, I went to the cemetery in Guangzhou and visited some fallen heroes tombs. When I saw rows of tombstones, I felt I really came  to visit all of the died. People may not be equal when they are living, but they are really equal when they die. I think everyone of us shall respect those who died,no matter for whatever reasons they died.

I also agree with luf when he held that memorial days involves with a nation's history and its society background. The States and China differs in various ways. You may have American's memorial day, but we Chinese have our Qing ming day. No matter in what kind of background, people's feelings towards those died beloved ones will always be the same.

Respecation for those died for one's country is understandable. This is true in every country for every nation, I think.

You mentioned you have a tree planted in your yard to memorize a beloved relative. It is touching...

The lost of a life always deserve our memory, since everyone  can merely live  ONCE.

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I am getting all beaten up here...

It must be me. I wrote back "No this is not like Memorial day here in the USA"...and what I meant that Memorial day here in the USA is predominately about veterans. We hold parades of Veterans and the president lays a wreath on the tomb of the "unknown soldier". Flags are put on all the graves of dead veterans.

Please, my tone did not intentionally mean to imply that our day was better than your day, only that it holds a subtle difference.

This site can be hard work at times.

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I agree with this guy

"What Is Memorial Day?
LT Bobby Ross

My years whirl past me. Swirling. Dry, broken grass hovering in a
spring breeze. Can I remember my experiences in war? Hardly. Fighting
for my country, my youth invested, seems such a long time ago, and so
unimportant. The calendar this year marks Memorial Day on the 29th of
May,2000. Have I lost something? The traditional Memorial Day, also known as Decoration Day, is on the 30th of May. This observed Memorial Day on May 29th coincidentally allows for a national three day holiday. Such is commercialism's capitalistic American display.
But why do I feel so stricken, like I have abandoned old friends from long ago? Their ghosts consort with my floating years, and their spirits coast around my presence.
Another three day holiday! Memorial Day! Maybe me and the kids can go
camping? Or, to the beach? Memorial Day is fun! This is the
inconsiderate, thoughtless approach to this meaningful, and consecrated moment representing one three hundred and sixty-fifth of our year. What is the meaning of Memorial Day? Is it merely a three day escape from our worldly duties? Or, is it the official beginning of summer? Is selling more hot dogs at the ballpark the overriding clarification?
Many souls, sacrificed in war, in duty to America, are wandering. They drift in a heavenly place, minus their future here upon earth. Tomorrows were forfeited.
Given up so our nation would invigorate free souls, aspire them to
freedom, and justly allow their lives lived as they prefer. Raising
offspring above restrictions, as they desire. Those lost lives giving we,
the living, what we want freely. Those are the souls we respect on Memorial Day. "

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Reply: I agree with this guy

Veterans have the same feelings and memories of their experience. There is no  national boudaries. Except respectation , I have no other word to describe my impression with those fallen heroes.

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