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Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) [Copy link] 中文

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re; Mike - Tell us why U had to drink diet soda???

I didn't have to drink diet soda...recently I started drinking diet soda willingly (peer pressusre realy!)and still do when at home.  basically, and maybe i'm under the wrong assumption, but diet soda has less sugar, which is bad for you.  so, maybe i'm consuming  bad sugars less by drinking diet soda.  and, since i don't realy care for soda in the first place, any marginal gain by drinking diet crap soda seems worthwhile for me.

"I drink two glasses apple juice each morning on an empty stomach!!!"
the juices for breakfast is good...but i prefer cranberry mixes instead, or OJ.  anytime i've had a big test or interview early in the morning i'd drink a big glass of juice.

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Cranberries!!! I tried that. It is sweeter

and had some uncomfort on my throat!!!

Even tried Blueberries for berries supposed to have Most vitamins!!!

OJ(orange juice) is normally avoided by chinese in the morning for it affects the stomach!!! Perhaps too acidic!!! And after food!!!

It seems Chinese prefers raw fruits!!!
The saying is juices are easy absorbed by the body
for Full benefits!!!
Sometimes have bananas in the morning!!!
Some say it is the happy fruits!!!

Anyway fruits No Need MSG or preservatives!!!
Watch the pesticides???

So Mike,too much sugars is bad!!!
Go natural!!!


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Hey mike,

Belated as it is - I've been busy - a comment on your; IMHO; poor choice of fluid replacement.

Just for an example, Coke (the drink;-) when it is the "pure" stuff, has 12 teaspoons of sugar, along of course with coal tar for coloring (never could figure out why people would pay money to poison themselves but hey, go figure).

The "sugar-free" versions - all "pop" is simply sugar and colored water with the colorings as big a problem as the sugar drug - contain an equivalent amount of artificial sweeteners; read here "more chemicals."

The sugar drug is needed to hook you for the next buy - and the chemical sweeteners are so you actually drink it because the coal tar and other colorings taste so bad. Don't believe me? Next time you see a chunk of coal, have a taste.

Coke, 7-Up, Pepsi etc. are all dangerous and should only be allowed to be sold to informed adults and NEVER to children. They should be as tightly controlled as alcohol especially as they are more dangerous and addictive.

So mike, just as a suggestion for fluid - water. Get the nutrients you need from food. including salts and minerals; or take a good supplement that uses vegetable or other natural occuring sources.

Remember though if you do take a supplement to read the lable carefully. Many companies put garbage into their supplements and call them something they really aren't.

Just for example, Iron Ferrite (or Ferrous ferrite; Ferrous oxide; Gamma-ferric oxide; Iron ferrite; Iron monoxide; Iron Oxide) is/are useless to the body as supplement - however, Ferrous Gluconate which is the natural sourced product is useful. The same goes for all of the other "minerals" noted in a supplement. If it is a "gluconate" or a naturally occurring (Vit. C from Rosehips for example instead of "dead" chemical Vit. C) then the body can use it. If it is from a mineral source - say a piece of the same chalk your teacher used to use to write on the blackboard masquerading as calcium - then they are as useful to the body as is poke in the eye with a sharp stick; only the poke in the eye may be less harmful and much less expensive.

Real nature is all we need.

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""""So mike, just as a suggestion for fluid - water."""""
so, you're basically saying I should put more ice cubes in my martini and not spanish olives???

""""IMHO; poor choice of fluid replacement.""""

What about Coke C2? Has this hit China yet?  Better, or more of the same?

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Just like the forum mike...

same shyte - different pile.

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Hi Mike - Where is yr other thread on "banned word" MSG???

Since too much salt is bad for health,some say it is evil esp. to BP(bolld pressure), read also that too Much Salt causes Osteoporosis(soft bones)
Ladies are proned. Salt caused difficulties for Calcium to be absorbed.

I have seen a young lady friend after some years, her backbone was bending. Surprising!!!

Some sunshine is good for Vitamin D to work & strengthen the bones.

Kind regards

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Caringhk, You are son of bitch "A little is good" MSG is a poison, a toxic subst

CHINA must enforce the law to ban MSG.

MSG is a poison, a toxic substance, not a taste-enhancing food substitute.

Excuse me, caringhk, I have read so many of your postings.

Why did Chinese stick to their diet.

I eat salad, fresh fruits, vegetable, I wash them well and eat them raw, never cook, never eat any additive.

Caring hk, you are no good, you are a she-devil, addicted to eating, satisfy your taste buds, GO TO FXXKING HELL !!

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