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Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) [Copy link] 中文

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>I never knew this additive was in processed American foods.

Check the fine print on your salami, bbq sauce, oyster sauce, spaghetti sauce, potato chips, ect. ect.

Look for:
Flavour enhancer
...and more...

BTW, Ajinomoto is a brand and one of the companies that make MSG.

>we should stay away from MSG. Is it possible, I doubt it.

It depends how you define "stay away ". To stay away from all MSG you also have to ban tomatos and beef (contains MSG naturally). At home I don't use MSG and don't buy products with added MSG.

In restaurants you ask for no MSG, or go to better restaurants which don't use it.

To cut your MSG intake buy 80% would be quite easy if you follow above.

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MSG - good for you, good for me, gimme sum more o' dat MSG!

While at Naturopathy College one lecturer explained that the reason MSG causes problems in the nervous system, heart etc is the fact that its a MONO sodium.

Sodium, together with Potassium.. controls the ionic balance of cells, especially important in nerve transmission....the mono form disrupts the normal balance and causes electrical disturbances in the force Luke

Maybe some Chemistry buff can clarify that for us...

oh , by the way....bacteria is being blamed a little.......The bacteria is only used as a way to produce Glutamic -acid!  The glutamic acid is then removed ....its the normal process for producing amino acids

PS  Amino acid production is monopolised by Japanese companies because they have the Patents...Ajinomoto being a major player

PPS  I sometimes feel All the years of benefits i got  from naturopathy are now being reversed by living in this lawless land..

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Yes the golden green tin pack is Vetsin!!!

Oh go Natural if possible!!!
Soup with fresh just pluck veggies plus some Ginger is superb.
Certain roots or potatoes boiled with bones pork ribs taste great!!!
How about apple,pear or maize(corn) soup???

So NO need MSG at home but just occasionally.
Answer is Moderation!!!

Thxs guys/gals.

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E 621 = Monosodium Glutamate

Very often you only find the E-Numbers on the ingredients list.
E 621 = Monosodium Glutamate

Other Glutamates are
E 620 = Glutamic Acid
E 622 = Monopotassium Glutamate
E 623 = Calcium Diglutamate
E 624 = Monoammonium Glutamate
E 625 = Magnesium Diglutamate

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Could you please explain?

amyamy wrote:
"Men with no allergy problem should worry about their wedding cakes.
They may regret for eating them all their lifes. "

Could you please explain for a non-Chinese what's so special about
these wedding cakes? Thank you.

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Besides MSG, lots of preservatives are added to canned food!!!

As well certain medicine eg. eye drops.

Will it cause majoy health problems???

I have been told to eat less canned food due to "carcinogenic"

Kind regards

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reply to andychung's question

wedding cake will turn sour in a divorced man's memory if he feels regretfully. so be careful to plan for life change, considering the divorce rate is almost 50%.

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