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Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) [Copy link] 中文

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MSG as we know is Ajinomoto.

Or there is a brand comes in golden yellow cans called Wei Jing.

It is added to food after cooking, ie ~two minutes when is ready to be served. It is food enhancer or " to add taste".
Used mainly by restaurant and to kill taste of some "not so fresh food".

It is correct eating too much cause thirstyness.
Some eating too much "outside food"(daily)  die due to say cancer.

We know it is made from extract of Tapioca, a kind of Yam roots found in
south Asia.

A little is good but too much like everything has side effects.

Kind regards

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re: MSG

I guess maybe 90% Chinese restaurants are using MSG to add the flavor. And almost every Chinese family has MSG.  

Nowadays,  people are using chicken bouillon to substitute MSG. Maybe it's new change. But I heard chicken bouillon was made of MSG.

Don't know  what to eat if without MSG.

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I have encounted "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome" a few times in my military health

The initial serving was enough but they would add more as they re-stocked the soup bowl. Just a little goes a long way. So they must have thought a little more goes a little further. Diners would get sick on the soup after the MSG built up in the soup.  
Generally a small amount is not bad unless someone is allergic to it. A similar product is extracted from sugar beets.

The action is to open up the taste cells on the tongue and that inhances the food by being able to taste it. (that is the story they gave me) Thus the strange feeling in the tongue. It's awake!

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in a processed world, I'd say buying vegetables laced with bug spray and hormone induced meat is about as good as it gets.  Anything canned is going to contain additives, like MSG.

Since canchin mentioned by another name I decided to look deeper into our bacteria!


Gourmet Powder
Chinese seasoning
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein
Hydrolyzed plant protein
Natural Flavorings
Kombu extract
Mei-jing and  

""""It's quite heaviely used in the west too. Most processed meat (saussages etc.) has it."""""

I never knew this additive was in processed American foods.  I guess the difference is that in America, I don't know a single person that's ever used this in home cooking, whereas it seems every Chinese person I've met uses it to some degree at home and probably always at the restraunts I go to.  However, alot of American do use processed food to cook with at home, so while we don't use it intentionally, it appears likely that we inadvertently use this appratently nasty stuff.

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too much MSG is not good for your health

But the food will taste good with much of MSG. Most of the fang bian mian (Fast noodle?) are made with much MSG. I hate it.

If you can choose what you will eat, I suggest everyone donot take too much food cooked with MSG.

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so, for the health reason,

we should stay away from MSG. Is it possible, I doubt it.

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