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Wake up men, let's talk about you! [Copy link] 中文

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I think men are more interested in sex than real love !

As a 40 year-old businessman, I have met many beautiful Chinese women from 20 to 25 year-old working for my company.

Would I fall in love with them? I would never want to ruin my reputation and my business.

But in some cases, I was entertained by clients and offered nice Chinese girls sitting next to me and having the best time and my clients encouraged me to take her upstairs for sex.

I am a very conservative man and has declined  for four or five times.

But last year, a very beautiful stunning Chinese girl dressed in traditional silk dress took me around in Shanghai and I fell in love with her for one week and stayed in the hotel before I went back home in Beijing.

Would I divorce my wife of 20 years ? The answer is no.

My boy is the most precious thing I ever have and he is going to Beijing University to study engineering.

I would never do anything in my hometown of Beijing but only on occasions when I travelled to Hong Kong or Shanghai.

I hope I gave you a honest answer !


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I am 24 years old

Does it mean that I only will be able to be loved by a girl after 16 years?

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Leave me a PM ! We can chat and go out and have fun !

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Re: Wake up men, let's talk about you!

"How do you think about men dating girls 20 years younger, who do not love the men, but their wallets?"

_What_ I think is that it is a fair and conscentual trade between adult people. Nuff said.

  "As a mature man who has a lot of life experiences, what would you enjoy being with a girl 20 years younger who does not know much about life? And what do you talk about normally?"

Dunno, I am not that mature yet, but I do have a girlfriend that is 11 years younger than I. As far as I am concerned, we match just fine, and we both have our strengths and weaknesses. And age is not a matter here, really. Age doesn't guarantee that we can discuss physics, philosophy or mathematics, only education and interest does. Are you skilled in these areas, Fioretta? I didn't think so. So, if you and I hooked up, we would talk about common things, things that set us apart and things we have experienced. A 20 year old Chinese girls have 20 years of life experience, dissimilar to that in the West. That is a hell of a lot to talk about...

  "What do you think of girls who are good looking but without brains; those who are not so good looking but have brains and great characters; those who are good looking and have brains and great characters? Who you would chose to be your date?"

Depends. If I just want sex, I would of course go for the pretty one. If I was pursuing a relationship, I would check out the brains, given that I was attracted to her.

  "Do you think a 20 year old Chinese girl more attractive than your 40 year old wife? Will you breakup your family and leave your 40 year old wife and children for a 20 year old simple but good looking Chinese girl? Do you accept men that do it?"

I don't have a wife, but the answer is of course no, I wouldn't leave a family for someone else. In cases where a man leaves a family for another, there has already been a mental separation since long. In general, a 20 year old is prettier than a 40 year old. In general, a Chinese girl is prettier than a Western girl. In general, a 20 year old Chinese girl... ah, you get it. What's the point? There will always be prettier girls; it doesn't matter as long as my girl is pretty enough.

  "How long it will take you to date a woman before you think about having sex with her? Is it normal for you to think about having sex with her at the first date? If she thinks the same way, do you think she is a bad girl?"

Why would I date a woman if I didn't have sex on my mind? The sooner, the better. If not on the first date, there might not be a second date. No, the girl is not bad if she is like me...

  "What do you think of women going through plastic surgeries? Will you accept if your wife does it? Will you do it yourself?"

No, I don't accept it unless there is a medical problem or a _significant_ deformity.

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If Selrahc had a woman

He would have someone to talk to other them himself. Or bother spending his life on China Daily.

Hey Selrahc [Dear_charles, forietta, whitedevils, lkanyuek etc. God you need a life butthole. Now you are a woman. [In reality you are a pu$$y] Now you have a make believe Harvard Degree who served in the US army as a MD. This is some of his resume

I am a Captain in U.S. Army, and worked in four U.S. Prison. U.S. Prison used repeated RAPE against prisoners, committed murder and covered up as suicide and used friendly fire in the war to kill and murder their own comrades, I am talking U.S. Army personel who are out of line. Is this NOT violation of Human Right. I am NOT a Chinese but a full blood American. I saw the Sheriff of Scott County is a KKK and the Mayor is the organized crime boss in Forest, Mississippi. I saw with my eyes the murder of blacks in Mississippi, the killing of four blacks girls in Birmingham, the scam of Shelia Boykin and Shirley Watkins of Forest and having sex with the Chief U.S. Federal Judge Tom Lee. This is evil and devils. Go to hell Americans !!!!!!!!!!

  I guess CD is your life you poor virgin thing. Trying to get dates in this forum. You are a pathetic box of rocks. Why don't you go play with your tiny mini toy?  You are the only one that plays with it. 50 years old and all alone. Must be your charming personality. You should proof read your own English words before you correct others. You have countless grammatical mistakes. But I guess you have that mad cow disease eating holes through your diminutive brain. Those poor misfiring brain cells give you no concept of reality. You and your multiple personalities should seek professional help. Have a nice day box of rocks

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Freedom 1, you too, have a nice BOX OF ROCKS full of AIDS needles which you inje

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