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mystical forumites: do you have zero posts? did you join on may 11th, 2005? [Copy link] 中文

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it seems china daily has taken some extreme measures to control the number of new forumites or new account functions.  i can't find any new members since may 11th, 2005, although there are a whole bunch of new forumites with that start date.  interesting to note all these new forumites have zero posts to their name, even though i obviously see their posts in threads.  

it's a mystical quesiton: what is this new breed of forumite?  are they the forum sith?  the dark lords come to wipe away the old anarchy and install order in the cd universe?  (yes, i've got starwars on the brain.)  for me to figure it out completely, i think i would have to create a new account, which i don't want to do right now.

i smell totalitarianism ... coming from the forum administrators.  


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Looks like a bug to me

The user ID for those forum handles appears to be greater than a 2 byte word (maximum value of 65535, 2^16).

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Could be a database problem

It seems to happen to many , maybe all new members. I signed up 2-3 days ago and although this is my 9th post it still shows (0) And the username of all these people is grenadier98. Let's see whether the forum admins can fix it.

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I think it has something to do with the IT system administration

It must have nothing to do with Mods' intentional control over this matter.

Even they can control the registration procedure, they still fail to kill real BUG on this board. That BUG has a strong power and several handles. He craps everywhere and attacked every expats as well as every Chinese poster who seem to agree with seneca sometimes.

This BUG shall be utterly removed from this board.

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The computer does exactly what you tell it to do

The problem is the nut behind the keyboard.......

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Now that I think about it there is a lot to be said for mysticism and numbers

Pythagorus is a noted mathematician who held mystical attributes to numbers. He held the belief that numbers held personalities such as male/female, perfect/incomplete or beautiful/ugly.  I’ve read that he considered the numbers 3 and 4 as “divine” because they were the lowest whole numbers that fit the dimensions of the right triangle.   He and other number mystics apparently extrapolated that 7 and 12 were also “divine” or “magical” because they are the sum and product of the original values respectively.  12 is especially important because it the has so many factors (

One popular explanation that I've heard for the fear of the number 13 goes something like this:

13 is 12 + 1, which is 1 past the perfect number 12, (3*4), which puts one beyond the perfect numerical state.  Therefore 13 represent the treacherous unstable and “unholy” domain beyond 12.

Others involve the 13th disciple etc.

Today many still fear the number 13.  There is even a name for that fear: triskaidekaphobia

Many buildings were built with floor numbers skipping the 13th floor because of this fear.  

By its very nature computer science deals with powers of 2; this creates a whole new set of “magic” numbers.

When I was working with 8 bit processors (eons ago), 255 was the maximum integer value (2^8 – 1).

If you hover the mouse pointer over the “mystical” 0 post count and you have the status display turned on in your browser, you will see the user id is 65535.   This is the maximum value of a 16 bit integer (2 byte word).

It is interesting to me that the number 666 has a special significance by my mainland Chinese friends, but that same number is apparently “very bad” for some of my more religious western friends.

Can anyone enlighten me on the significance of this number 666?

Have a numerical day.

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666 is Satan as seen in the picture "The Exorcist" where Damien the boy

had 666 on his head covered by hairs.

Satan is the devil in catholic term.

In Fujian, it is pronunced Luck,Luck,Luck.

I see cantonese like 8 (fatt=luck) while Emperor 9( 9 dragons)

Kind regards

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